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Shuffling cards has been the bane of many a poor soul; a lot of them just can’t seem to get it quite right. They end up folding the cards or they shuffle them so many times that they wear the suits right off of them. So we asked some pros what they thought was the right number of times a deck should be shuffled. The answers we got ran the gamut from down right absurd, to hilarious and even to some well thought out mathematical formula that supposedly figures that the right number of times for a deck of 52 cards would be 7 times for them to be sufficiently mixed, that according to Persi Diaconis as reported in the New York Times several years ago.

That is way too much for us, and we’re sure, most poker players to worry about. We just play the game and as long as you don’t shuffle like Moe of the Three Stooges  in this video, then we’re good. But if all you can do is what Mo does, then maybe you should just pick up a good automatic card shuffler and get on with the game.

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