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Ryan Eriquezzo, a man who almost quit playing poker, is the 2012 World Series of Poker Champion. This is only the second annual WSOP Invitational National Championship. The players who were invited are the top 100 qualifying players from around the United States, selected from games that were played between September 2011 and May 2012. These top qualifiers were joined by 57 of the best WSOP ranked players over the past two years in gold bracelet events for a total field of 157 very strong players. Eriquezzo, a professional poker player from New Haven, Connecticut, did not allow himself to be intimidated or to worry about anything else. He just focused on playing poker with some of the best world-class players around and it paid of big time. He became the second annual WSOP National Champion, collected a sweet $416,051 and his first gold bracelet.  And he’s not quitting poker now.

We certainly wouldn’t quit either if we had just won a gold bracelet by defeating some of the best players ever to sit at a Texas Holdem poker table. Now there is only the WSOP Main Event left and there are still 1698 players battling it out to become part of the prestigious group known as the Final Nine of the  2012 WSOP.

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