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Now that the 43rd annual WSOP has established who the October-Niners are and the final table is set for October 28 – 30 I have taken the needed time to finish the script for the production of the second half of our music video, “I May Be Bluffin.'”

In the meantime, I can’t help noticing the disparity between what my wife has been doing and what I’ve done. Especially when it comes to traveling. During the course of the last month, she had the opportunity to go to Atlanta for the “Welcome to the SEC” event, celebrating Texas A & M’s joining the best athletic conference in the country. Then, two weeks later, she traveled to Washington, D.C. on another assignment for Texas A & M as they participated in the Smithsonian Folk-life Festival along with 25 other prestigious universities. Now, she’s off to Southern California to relax on the beach and chill with her kids. I, on the other hand, have gone to Bryan – approximately 4.5 miles away – at least a dozen times, and spent some time in Hearne – 26.2 miles away – for the video shoot. I even traveled all the way to Navasota, 24 miles in the other direction, and home of our video star, Randy Pavlock. Something’s wrong with this picture!

Actually, I realize how blessed we really are. We spend 98 percent of our time together, enjoying our life. And in the past month, we’ve both had the chance to pursue other opportunities. So I guess I’ll just count my poker chips , concentrate on the Texas Poker Store and the completion of our video, and look forward to her return.

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