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Y’ all know that we play a lot of poker and that we report to y’ all about what’s going on in the poker universe. We tell you who’s winning and who’s losing in the WSOP or the WPT, and we tell you when our poker chips are disappearing, as if by magic, into our opponents’ hands. We have seen money vanish into thin air and we have seen lots of poker chips disappear but we have never seen a car that has doors that disappear. Not until now.

We know that this is probably not breaking news to a lot of you, but when we stumbled upon this little video of  a car with disappearing doors we felt obliged to post it here for those of you who may never have seen this. The Retractable Car Door technology also known as the revolutionary “Disappearing Car Door” is the proprietary invention of JATECH, LLC a California Limited Liability Company. The car in the video is a Lincoln Mark VIII but the doors can be made for other types and models of vehicles.

Disappearing chips are not fun and we would bet that these car doors are a lot more fun.

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