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Music To Your Ears


After many months of preparation, conceptualizing, writing lyrics and music, recording and mastering Randy Pavlock’s awesome rendition of our song, ” I May Be Bluffin'” . . . then, brainstorming with our video director, Kyle Netterville,  and story-boarding the poker tale we wanted to tell through the lyrics of our song and the images on the screen for a foot-stomping music video . . . we are now finished and have a final high-definition video to show the world. To say we’re excited would be the proverbial understatement.

To demonstrate how excited we are at the Texas Poker Store, we decided to give you a 10% discount for the next three months. That’s right; we want to share our excitement with you. The discount applies to all poker chips, chip cases, cards and card shufflers. All you need to do is choose your items and enter the code word –  Music – make sure to type it exactly as it appears here. Enjoy

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Y’all have been incredibly supportive during the entire production of our song “I May Be Bluffin'” and the subsequent production of the music video. Your patience is about to pay off. We are literally just days away from finishing the final post-production editing. Our insanely talented video producer-director-editor  has pulled out all the stops and created a crazy hot video that we know y’all are gonna love.

We have now targeted August 31 to have final product in our hands and ready to present to all the right people in all the right places. As always, stay tuned for our music video release date and a very special announcement that will have y’all singing “I May Be Bluffin’ – But You’ll Never Know”  every time you hear our song or watch our video. Oh, yeah, don’t count all your poker chips just yet; wait for our special announcement.

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The Texas Poker Store’s production of the “I May Be Bluffin” music video, written by Randy Pavlock and yours truly ( Chief Dealer, Jim Paris) has now been completed. The video, produced and videographed by Kyle Netterville and directed by Netterville and me is now in post-production. We had a great time during the three shoots, including two in the barn/man-cave and the last one in a local nightspot.  It was amazing how many friends came out to support us and be part of the video; everyone who came to see the final table sequence got to be a “fan” of the players for the night. Of course, now we have hours and hours of editing to get through all the footage we shot, before we can release “I May Be Bluffin'” to the world.  I’m not going to tell you how it went at the final table heads-up showdown but I will say that the players splashed all their poker chips on the table . . . and someone walked away the winner.

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Who do you think may be bluffin’ ?

You may find out sooner than you think, as we get closer and closer to the release of The Texas Poker Store’s music video, “I May Be Bluffin'” – written by Randy Pavlock and yours truly. Production of the third segment of the  video will conclude at our”Final Table” shoot taking place on Monday night, August 20, 2012. Our director/videographer, Kyle Netterville, is prepared to get more footage of our beautiful young ladies (you remember them from my last post, I assume; they’re hard to forget) as well as all the action at the final table. Our fans will all be there to cheer on the final four: Paul “My House My Rules” Marvin, Troy “T-Licious” Davidson, Randy “The Real Deal” Pavlock and of course, me – Jim “Chief Dealer” Paris. The pot is huge and the stakes are high!

So, who do you think will end up with all the poker chips? Who is going to walk away with all that prize money and the much coveted Gold Bracelet? Stay tuned, or you’ll never know.

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