Archive for December 14th 2012

Time flies at the poker tables especially when you know you should be Christmas shopping before you lose all your poker chips and have nothing left to buy presents with. But you can’t help yourself; you’re a die-hard poker lover and it runs in your blood. Well, we understand; we’re exactly the same and that’s why we came up with an easy and thoroughly enjoyable  plan. You simply count all the money you have available to freely spend without jeopardizing your or your family’s security and well-being. Then, you follow the age-old  method of funds allocation…ie; 1 for shopping and 1 for poker; 2 for shopping and 1, 2 for poker – 3 for shopping and 1, 2, 3 for poker …and so on until you have it all divvied up nice and neat. Then, take a couple of hours to go spend your Christmas stash and you’ll have the rest of the night to play your favorite game – POKER.

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