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Custom poker chips from the Texas Poker StoreIf you were a betting man or woman, you would have been right if you went all in with your custom poker chips on New Jersey’s governor, Chris Christie, to be the next one to sign a bill legalizing internet gambling. It took the legislators three times to get it right, with Christie vetoing the bill the last time out. But the veto was actually a victory for the online gambling crowd because Christie let them know what changes had to be made in the bill in order for him to sign it. And sign it he did, making New Jersey the third state (after Nevada and Delaware) to legalize online poker.

New Jersey, with its brick and mortar casino industry already up and running like Nevada, is eager to test software and issue licenses to save the struggling casinos of Atlantic City and bring millions of dollars of revenue into the state. For now, this legislation is only for the residents of New Jersey, but like those that preceded it, the hope is that agreements will be made with other states in the near future. Playing Internet poker at home in your jammies? Yes, it’s coming to us all.

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To follow up on our recent blog about Nevada’s historic bill that legalized online gambling, here are some answers to the questions you’ve been asking.

  1. The bill is exclusively about poker, not sports gambling or any other gaming, which is clearly still against federal law.
  2. The rules and regulations concerning how interstate agreements would be constructed still need to be worked out, but the people behind the scenes of this bill have been researching how this is done overseas for the past five years.
  3. There are several states already considering their own proposals, with most believing that New Jersey will be the next state likely to pass a bill similar to Nevada’s.nighthawkBlack 01
  4. Among the issues Nevada, and other states that follow their lead will have to contend with, are a slew of regulations, like how to deal with identity theft, fraud protection and age verification.

The big push to legalize online gambling is, of course, all about money. Nevada can expect to see millions of dollars in licensing and other fees come into its state coffers. It’s hard to imagine that other states won’t want to see the same kinds of revenue being added to their own bank accounts, if they can get a similar bill through their own legislatures.

Once again, personally, I believe this will be a win win for everyone and I can’t wait. I’m already sitting at the poker tables patiently waiting for the flop.

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We still get a lot of questions as to whether or not playing poker online, for money, is legal. Well, up until earlier today I would have said it isn’t. But Nevada may have just changed the rules, with other states hoping to follow suit.

Nevada just passed what is being called an “historic” bill making it legal to play online poker within the state and with other players across the country. The bill was passed unanimously in both the Assembly and Senate on Thursday before it was signed into law by Governor Brian Sandoval.

Of course, right now it is only legal in Nevada, but players from across the country will be able to play legally once Nevada can make agreements with individual states.

TPSchipsThe federal Department of Justice has previously cracked down on sites that let people illegally gamble across states, but Sandoval said he was confident Nevada was on firm legal footing.

So, Nevada has to convince other states to partner with it, but officials are reportedly confident that this will not be hard to do.

What are your thoughts about this new legislation? Do you think your state is ready to make an agreement with Nevada? Personally, I would say get your game face on, save up your dollars to buy lots of poker chips and get ready to go all in!

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Much has been written about how to play position when you’re playing Texas Hold em. We were going to explain it from our own point of view based on our personal experiences, but after doing some extensive research we  found this little guide that has helped us significantly. We hope it  helps you with your game.

In early position, only play:

  • High Pairs: Ace-Ace, King-King, Queen-Queen, Jack-Jack
  • High Suited Cards: Ace-King, Ace-Queen, King-Queen, Ace-Jack, King-Jack, Queen-Jack, Jack-10
  • High Unsuited Cards: Ace-King, Ace-Queen, King-Queen

In middle position, you can also play:

  • High Suited Cards: Ace-10, King-10, Queen-10
  • High Unsuited Cards: Ace-Jack, Ace-10, King-Jack, etc.
  • Middle Pairs: 10-10, 9-9, 8-8

In late position you can add:

  • Suited connectors, such as 9-10, 7-8, etc.
  • Small pairs all the way down to 2s
  • Ace-littles: A-8, A-6

black Texas Holdem Poker TableWe know that this guide is not the be all or cure all for all your poker woes but it should help. Just remember that every hand can be played differently depending on who you are playing with and the way they are betting their hands. As it has been said a million times by probably just as many players, learn to read the basic poker tells and study the other players around the Texas Hold em poker table;  and don’t splash your chips all in based on this guide alone.

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