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10-P01695-BLKIt was indeed an incredibly tight game with the Baltimore Ravens taking the lead right from the beginning and keeping it until the end. But not without some thrills. The San Francisco 49ers battled hard and came back to within inches from Michael Crabtree grabbing the trophy away from the Ravens. It was an exciting game and even with the power out it still kept us glued to the tube waiting to see which of our friends and fans came closest to predicting the final score. Since no one won the $200 prize nor the $100 prize, we were anxiously waiting and hoping that one of you, unlike Crabtree , would actually reach a little further and grab the last chance at winning.

We’re glad to report that Macy Sourdellia from Texas A&M came closest with her prediction of Baltimore Ravens 27 San Francisco 49ers 24. Good job Macy! You have won the deck of poker-sized Copag playing cards from TPS.

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Baltimore Ravens vs San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl XLVII

One more day before the Ravens meet the 49ers for the final battle to win the bragging rights, the  rings, the trophy . . . and the Super Bowl Championship? Will it be Joe Flacco or Colin Kaepernick? Will Kaepernick pull the ball down and rush as he did so often during the playoffs or will he stay in the pocket and throw those bullets that are so consistently on target? What about Flacco’s ability to brush off defenders and make those strong passes? Both QBs are big and strong, accurate and fast so who do you think will take home all the marbles?

You have one more day to cast your predictions to win a deck of Texas Hold em poker Copag playing cards. Don’t delay; you must enter your prediction before the start of the game tomorrow, February 3 at 6:30 pm ET. Whoever comes closest first will win a deck of Texas Hold em poker Copag playing cards. So get your final score predictions in now!

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