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vinny-with-shades2Confessions of a Grinder

This blog post is a little experience I wanted to share about my cash session with Chris Moneymaker. I’ve heard people talk negatively about Chris Moneymaker’s style and technique, but what is the Main Event if not a crap shoot. I just have one thing to say about such top-heavy high field tournaments. If you win you’re good, and if you’re good you have more chances of cashing. However, the Main Event of the WSOP is something else, a gateway to a career as a poker player and an ambassador. You are most certainly guaranteed life-long contracts and are literally paid to play.

Ultimae BBO Folding Poker Table Moneymaker brings in a lot of action when he visits the Hollywood Columbus Casino once a month. He also brings in many egos trying to bring him down and rant about how they beat a pro. Recently, I randomly walked in on a cash poker table at the Hollywood Columbus Casino, and found a seat next to Chris. The players were as star struck and jumpy as kids near an ice cream truck, but they tried to be as nonchalant as possible. When one person asked Chris whether he could get a picture with him, Chris personally went up to every seat and offered a picture taken with him. Surely, he appears to be the nicest person, without any hint of an ego. Humility does take you places, and millions of poker winnings can never replace the feeling of being loved, respected and appreciated for who you truly are. About the hands I played with him—I would not want to bore you with detailed explanations; I can only tell you we are even at one win each. Experience does count, and it was a delight watching him tame some young blood on the table. It’s not always just about the money you win, but also about the hearts.

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