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Confessions of a Grinder Vinny the VenetianConfessions of a Grinder
A.J. McCarron vs Johnny Football Manziel “In the midnight hour, they cried ‘More, More, More’, with a Rebel Yell, they cried ‘More. More, More.” Not exactly lyrics from Billy Idol’s classic that I rock out to. A little tweaked, but a good depiction of what goes on around this time of the year. This week, especially, everyone around me is fired up! First, the Ohio State Buckeyes crushing the Aztecs in the Big Ten, then, all the talk about how stoked our boys, the Fighting Texas Aggies are to BTHObama! I have great memories of watching Aggie Football, seeing them beat the Longhorns once live at Kyle Field, and the second time with my Texas Poker buddies Jim ‘Chief Dealer’ Paris, Paul Marvin, and many others, at Paul’s amazing Thanksgiving dinner. The Indian Aggies, Mandar, Sonu Shankar, Kaustavi Sarkar and yours trulyalso cherished every moment of the Aggie Spirit. The Aggies didn’t fare exceptionally well in those days,  but those were the fondest times, and I wish I were at College Station kicking it with my boys, watching the “Rock Star” Johnny Football kicking some butt, giving the rest of the SEC teams jitters!
Texas Poker Store Custom Poker ChipsManziel is indeed a rebel, but we recently witnessed another rebel in the world of poker –Daniel Negreanu. Kid Poker was standing right next to his chair when the first card of the deck was pulled out for the deal to begin, at the EPT Barca High Rollers Tournament. Daniel had to forfeit his hand and his poker chips he posted, owing to the new Rule 29, and for the next twenty minutes he went berzerk! He decided to go all in blind, and eventually got knocked out, only to re-enter and finish in the runner-up position and take home close to 300K! Now, who would do this at a high-rollers event? I personally support Negreanu for hating on Rule 29. I have witnessed many dealers in major tournaments go easy on players, and not follow rules such as ‘Show One Show All’ , and ‘One Player To A Hand’. Props to “Kid Poker” and to “Rock Star” Manziel for doing things, as Frankie said, their way, and still coming out victorious. 
If you follow TPS blogs, you’d know for sure that our own rock star ‘Chief Dealer’ has some kickass deals and competitions during game days. So keep visiting the Texas Poker Store blog and get in on the action. The song “Rebel Yell” was still ringing loud in my ears till I remembered another tune- one that still gives me goosebumps.
Some may boast of prowess bold
Of the school they think so grand
But there’s a spirit can ne’er be told
It’s the Spirit of Aggieland.