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Confessions of a Grinder Vinny the VenetianConfessions of a Grinder

Playing poker can be so inhuman sometimes. The inhuman nature of poker can be of different types. There are animal-like celebrations when people get lucky or suck out on the river. Then there is the inhuman torture when you’re on the receiving end of a suck-out. Sometimes, people tend to act like animals, throwing chairs around, biting their own knuckles, and grunting and moaning, like wild animals, when they get unlucky. There are also downright ugly poker players who remind you of pugs.

Don’t forget, there are those who hurt other players and act mean- dog-like, with their harsh words and attitude. Of course, we all know weak players at the poker tables are known as fish, nits, mice, donkeys, etc., and strong players are referred to as sharks, eagles, lions, and jackals. To an amateur, they might easily pass as aggressive loud-mouth Big Dogs. But do dogs actually play poker?

Dogs Playing Poker by C.M. CoolidgeDogs Playing Poker by C.M. CoolidgeIn 1903, C.M.Coolidge put this idea into reality when he painted sixteen oil paintings collectively referred to as ‘Dogs Playing Poker’, commissioned by Brown and Bigelow, to advertise cigars. These paintings, criticized as having ‘Schlock’ Value, depicted various poker situations with dogs replacing traditional humans. Interesting thought, isn’t it?Ruby - The Poker Playing Yorkie

Rick Caran from Long Island went a step further than Coolidge’s crazy imagination. Rick trained his old dog Ruby, a Yorkie, in card games and tricks and, believe it or not, over a period of time, Ruby actually played poker.

Buddy with his shade on ready for poker gameLucyI know a couple of smart dogs. They are named Buddy and Lucy, and if our chief dealer is ready to train them, who knows? The main event of a WSOP final table could easily witness mutts in shades and scarfs.

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paris-at-railsPocket Bullets Paris

If someone had told you that the Aggies would score 42 points against the Tide in the most-hyped and most watched college football game of the season (CBS had more viewers for yesterday afternoon’s Texas A&M vs. Alabama game than they had in the previous 23 years) at Kyle Field, you’d assume that Texas A&M won, right? If you knew that in two games against Bama, Johnny Manziel would complete 73 percent of his passes, account for 907 yards of offense and 7 touchdowns, you’d be sure the Aggies won . And you’d be wrong. Alabama beat the Aggies 48-42, despite some sensational, Heismanesque plays by Johnny, Mike Evans, Malcolm Kennedy and the offense. Now, the Aggies are looking for a defense, and the Tide went home with a win.

TPS-Package-D-001And we have a winner too. Frankie S. correctly predicted that Alabama would take it, and with only two of our voters picking the Tide, Frankie’s prediction of Alabama 35 – Texas A&M 28 was the closest to the final score. Congratulations, Frankie. You won the  Texas Poker Store Tournament Package. We will contact you within the next 48 hours to make arrangements with you for your winnings. Or please contact us directly by calling the Texas Poker Store at 1-866-213-1594 and claim your prize, Frankie!

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Pocket Bullets ParisPocket Bullets Paris

The year long wait is over and the Crimson Tide has rolled into Aggieland hoping, no, praying that they can find someway to stop Johnny Manziel. The Aggie O line, meanwhile has to protect their star and fight off the likes of C.J. Mosely in the Tide’s D. On the other side of the ball, with Jenkins and company all back, we are hoping, no praying A.J. McCarron vs Johnny Football Manzielthat Snyder has the Aggie defense in game day form and ready to beat the hell outta McCarron, Yeldon, Cooper and company. A lot of big stars, a lot of players to watch.

Texas A&M vs AlabamaWe have put away all our poker chips and cancelled everything except, of course, our tickets, and are now headed to Kyle Field to join the over 90,000 crazed football fans and the 12th Man. We will be loud and proud and waving white. Let’s Go Ags!!  BTHOBama!!!

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Pocket Bullets ParisPocket Bullets Paris

It’s almost here. Whether you call it the Game of the Season or the Great Showdown of 2013, or the most highly anticipated regular season game EVER, we all know that the Aggie vs. Bama game has preoccupied Nick Saban’s mind since Johnny Manziel and the Aggies sliced up the defense of his national championship team in Tuscaloosa. It’s the only blemish on his 2012 record and Saban wants to A.J. McCarron vs Johnny Football Manzielwipe that stain away and stop Johnny Football. For our part, we think that Kevin Sumlin is just as competitive as Saban –just in a cooler and more likeable way — and we also believe that nobody wants this win more than Manziel. Nobody. That’s why we’re all in for the Aggies.

There’s still time to get in your final score predictions. Whoever is the first to come closest to predicting the final score of the game wins our contest and our fantastic prize: TPS-Package-D-001A Texas Poker Store Tournament Package, a prize worthy of such a monumental game. It includes a Texas Hold’em  folding table top, 300 poker chips with an aluminum carrying case,  2 card decks, a tournament timer, and dealer buttons.. The tie-breaker, in case we need one, is how many passing yards JFF gets. Get your predictions in now and Gig ‘Em Aggies!

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