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Pocket Bullets ParisPocket Bullets Paris

Heading into the Saturday game at Kyle Field ( on CBS at 2:30 CST) it’s best to forget about last year’s Aggie rout of the Tigers and remember what Coach Sumlin said when asked about the difference between last year’s Auburn team and this year’s.

“They’re 5-1,” Sumlin said. “They’re ranked 24th in the country. They’re very different from the team we played last year.”

So, what does Texas A&M have to look out for? The running game, led by Tre Mason against an Aggie D that’s been gashed all year against the run. The Tigers also have a good quarterback in Nick Marshall who can run and pass, possibly creating some problems for our secondary. And a fired up team playing under an excellent new coach named Gus Malzahn.

And what does Auburn have to look out for? Obviously, like every other team, they have to try (somehow) to contain Johnny Manziel, a feat becoming more challenging with every week. Their defense has to contend with our powerful running game, led by Ben Malena, Trey Williams and Manziel, and our receivers . . .. Mike Evans, Malcolme Kennedy, Sabian Holmes, Derel Walker . . . and a whole bunch of others waiting in the wings. And, of course, one of the biggest stars from last week: Travis Labhart!

So will the Aggie defense make the big plays when they need to like they did against Ole Miss? Will the Aggie offense continue to score at will? Or is Auburn ready for a huge win? As always, we’re picking the Ags to win this one, although we think it may be close.A set of Copag Poker Sized Cards

Whoever comes closest (without going over) to predicting the final score will win a double set of  World Class Copag Poker Playing Cards. That is two complete decks of durable professional high quality poker-size plastic-coated cards. You could be the winner this time. It’s easy. Just click on the Leave your Comments link below and post your prediction. We will get in touch with you within 48 hours after the end of the game if you are the winner.

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Confessions of a Grinder Vinny the VenetianConfessions of a Grinder

In the Texas A&M vs Ole Miss game, I bet against the Aggies and predicted Ole Miss to win on Texas Poker Store’s Predict-To-Win competition. Why? There were nine predictions ‘for’ the Aggies and ‘none’ against them. The predictions (with the Aggies’ score first) were as follows:

49-35, 45-27, 48-34, 52-24, 42-24, 45-27, 48-31, 31-28, 41-24

As much as I want the Aggies to BTHO every team they ever face, if I predicted the Aggies to win, it would have had to be a very narrow window. Too many scoring zones were already covered, so I would have picked something like 40 – 30 to be safe in that score zone. Now, against almost any other team, it would be a waste of a pick to go against the Aggies. However, I did my research and learned that Ole Miss wasn’t going to be a cakewalk. Out of ten predictions I read online from blogs, articles and forum posts, four predicted Ole Miss to win, due to various factors, one being a weakish Aggie defense. I had a 10% – 15% chance to win against the previous predictions, but I had a 40% chance with zero investment and a $40 value, mainly because nobody else predicted against the Aggies – not even Bubba Barksalot, who I thought would pen down his predictions, and rant against the Aggies. I was safe, and I put out my bet. I would have done the same thing at a poker table with those kind of odds.The Casino X2 Poker Table from the Texas Poker Store

In the end I was glad the Aggies won. Here’s hoping for a 11-1 season! I know one thing; I won’t be betting against them again.

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Pocket Bullets ParisPocket Bullets Paris

On Saturday the 12th of October we prepared to sit back and enjoy watching our beloved Fighting Texas Aggies do battle with the Ole Miss Rebels. However, we weren’t quite prepared to be sitting on the edge of our seats all the way through the game watching an anxiety-producing game (although after last year’s Ole Miss game we should have been) especially when we saw Johnny go down in pain. In the end, though, the Aggie D came through with a three-and-out when we needed it, and Johnny did his magic like only he can, bringing the Ags down the field in a brilliant drive. That set up up  former MLS player turned Aggie kicker Josh Lambo’s 33-yard walk-off field goal and an Aggie win with a score of 41 to 38.

Poker Chips from the Texas Poker StoreWe had a winner in our predict the score contest, too.  Brian Scott Ayers came closest with the final score prediction of A&M 41-Ole Miss 24. Congratulations, Brian! Call or email us by replying to the email we sent you to claim your prize of 200 poker chips in an aluminum case with a clear, scratch-resistant plexiglass cover, 5 dice, and 2 decks of cards.

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Confessions of a Grinder Vinny the VenetianConfessions of a Grinder

I called Bubba today and asked him about stuff happening at his end, and especially about poker. He agreed to a phone interview for this week’s blog and promised he’d write one himself next week. Bubba was really excited about the fact that his game has now reached a new level. He was even more excited about the Longhorns vs Sooners and A&M vs Ole Miss games tomorrow, and somehow I felt his undying love for Ole Miss – the same love he has had for any team that faces the Fighting Texas Aggies. Okay. I’ll cut to the chase, and write very briefly about our conversation. Enjoy!

Me:  Thanks so much for agreeing to write and share your insights man. How’s it going with you? Tell us about your recent poker experiences.
Bubba:  Oh. It’s a goin’! Haha I love this site . . .  it has some really cool stuff . . . thanks for letting me write and it’s a good idea to have a real poker player write for a change. heh.. . this TPS stuff is kinda like my know the stuff I sell.. by the way dude, I tell you what.. I just came up with this awesome poker hat.. boy, I tell ya . . . them hats gonna’ sell like hotcakes in a state fair.. * chuckle * I’ve had like.. four guys.. call me and tell me.. dude that’s the best hat I’ve ever seen in my life.. could I please have one.. I wuz like I know I know! Hang on.. I’ve had a guy ask me to make him 50,000 hats by December dude.. and
Me: (at this point I had to interrupt him) Yea umm . . .  that’s great man. What about Poker?
Bubba:  Yeah, dude I read this book last week that I found in the McDonald’s parking lot right next to my truck,  while I was on my way to Elmer Dinkley’s cash game at NeeHaw, TX, and I tell you what . . . It’s about this guy who talks about calling a bluff when you see someone nervously swallow his saliva and see his Adam’s Apple move, and then if you see someone lick his lips or dig his nose . . . you snap-call him, and it has taken my game to a new level man… now all I do is keep swallowing my saliva when I have the nuts. . .the other day I wanted this guy to call me so bad cuz I had a full-house, and I kept swallowing for 15 minutes till I had to go to the bathroom and then dug my nose and blinked my eye till I had to go find me some Kleenex… but he still wouldn’t call.. I’m still working on it… Ima beast man.. these fools cannot beat me.. I’m gonna keep swallowing and beat them all!
Me: (sigh) That’s great Bubba. Your thoughts on the college football games tomorrow? How’s the atmosphere in Aggieland? You excited?
Bubba:  Boy I tell you what . . . that Johnny Manziel is a nut. . . that boy ain’t right.. all you fools worship him . . . you guys are silly geese.. . he’s no good.. he sold out and when he does, he’s gonna be glad he left you morons.. . Ole Miss is gonna kick y’alls you know what.. . y’all are just y’all aggies screw y’all.. I’m rooting for Ole Miss! And the Longhorns they gonna beat them Sooners and no ones gonna touch ma boy Mack Brown..he’s gonna be coaching them for ten years… I’m gonna’ have ma Longhorn Tee on tomorrow! Whoop!
Me:  Whoop?
Bubba: I mean . . . hook ’em horns . . . go Longhorns . . . go Ole Miss..go . . . wait a minute that reminds me . . . I gotta go. I just had an awesome lunch.. two devil dogs, fries, and a shake, and I gotta go.. if ya know what I mean…
Me:  All right man.. hey thanks again.. I hope we hear some interesting stories from you next week  . . . our readers are dying to listen to what you will have to say . . . about poker.
Bubba: Yea sure… Hey. I’ll call you later ok? I need to send you the book on how to call someone’s all-in if he strokes his beard and digs his belly button.. you’ll be as good as me dude .. wait and watch…
Poker Chips from the Texas Poker StoreMe: Thanks man. I cannot wait. Take care then.
Bubba: Later…

I am sure Bubba’s personal blogs are going to be worth a read. I’ll make sure I read them when my poker chips are down.

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