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Pocket Bullets ParisPocket Bullets Paris

Two more days before the Seahawks meet the Broncos for the final battle to win the bragging rights, the  rings, the trophy . . . and the Super Bowl Championship? Sunday, February 2nd starting at 6:30 pm. Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos will battle against the unpredictable Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks. Manning is a by-the book, stay-in-the-pocket quarterback. He is consistently tight when he hands off the rock and when he throws he is precise with damn near flawless execution.  He is only the third quarterback to lead two different teams to a Super Bowl. Wilson represents the new breed of athletic QB, the type that adapts quickly, passes from any angle and runs like the wind, which baffles the defense and makes it very hard to contain him.

Super Bowl 2014The Broncos are, as of today Friday Jan 31st, the 2.5-point favorites on most sports books. But we don’t care  about all the sports books out there, we care about your predictions. So what’s it gonna be? Will the Seattle Seahawks finally take home their first Championship? Or will the Denver Broncos take down their third title?

You have until Sunday, before kick-off to cast your final score predictions. Don’t delay; you must enter your prediction before the start of the game on Sunday, February 2 at 6:30 pm ET. Whoever comes closest first without going over will win a deck of Texas Hold em poker Copag playing cards. So get your final score predictions in now!

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Vinny The GrinderBy The Grinder

From Busto to Robusto is a really cool documentary focusing on the life of a poker player. It stars Andrew Robl, a highly successful online poker player, and it showcases the free, lucrative and at times haphazard lifestyle of a professional poker player who has made it. Millions of poker players appreciate this freedom, and choose a wanderlust liberating life that appears Utopian to the rest of the world. Daniel Negreanu is probably the senior-most pro I can think of who follows this lifestyle.

However, some poker players have planted their seed of poker skills. In other words, they have children who are successful poker players themselves. The most famous successful father-son pair is that of Doyle Texas Dolly Brunson and his son Todd. Todd might not share his dad’s wonderful smile, but he sure does roll in high benjamins and carries the same poise. Next up, are Barry and Jeff Shulman, both being successful tournament poker players. Jeff, who is the Editor of Card Player Magazine, is one of my favorite poker personalities alongside Phil Hellmuth and Huck Seed. This father-son duo has cashed in several WSOP and WPT events. Thirdly, we have Barry Greenstein and Joe “The Cub” Sebok. Sebok is Barry’s step son, and though he doesn’t happen to sport his dad’s womanizing beard, he is equally successful at the poker tables. Admittedly, Joe, Jeff and Todd have had easier lives than their fathers who had to crawl their way to success. However, I commend Doyle and the two Barrys for supporting their sons in pursuing this volatile profession. If you’re a poker player, would you take that chance?


Good Luck!

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Vinny The Grinder

By The Grinder

Music and poker seem to have one thing in common – classic and pure ideas have been replaced with modern aggressive ones. More usurped than replaced really, at least in the music industry, seeing as how record companies today make stars rather than find them. With a few exceptions, these days the only people who listen to good music that means something are people above 50. It all began with the record companies of the early 1950s creating the Elvis phenomenon, replacing Chuck Berry and the African American likes, for prejudiced reasons. Well, at least Elvis was talented, unlike today’s aural sacrilege in the form of Nicki Minaj and her contemporaries.

The ClassicsIn poker too, old school players have expressed their clear dissent about a lot of new school developments over the decades. A lot of old school players hate online poker, clearly because of the larger need for math and statistical knowledge than ‘feel and read based’ poker. The classic phrase ‘I don’t think you got it’, has been replaced by ‘Why would MP re-shove UTG’s shove range when the laggy hijack is short?’. Milk-loving, trance-listening, bald, Norwegian, semi-autistic, hyper-aggressive teens have replaced the classic cigar-in-mouth, soul-reading, Texan Twitch-Police, and your average ‘Pa’ on the poker table, who can’t click his mouse @500 clicks a minute looking at 16 different tables at once, ain’t happy about it. Daniel Negreanu, a younger of the older lot, recently expressed his total disagreement with the new poker rule TDA 29. All in all, poker rules have a come a long way from the time when check-raising was illegal. I believe it’s important to get with the times, and develop a liking and talent for the new stuff. Hold on a minute! I am talking about poker not music. In poker, I strongly encourage you to become a consummate online professional—it’s fast, it’s adrenalizing, and it’s a lot of money. Musically though, stick to the classic stuff, like Buddy Miles’s album Sneak Attack or Black Sheep’s album Trouble in The Streets.


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Vinny The GrinderBy The Grinder

That’s not a reality show title. That is what you can honestly do this March. Win a huge pot off the fourth richest man on Forbes List of Billionaires, Warren Buffet. Antonio Esfandiari won $18.34 Million of cold hard cash for his impressive win in the Big One for One Drop at the WSOP 2012. This is the highest individual payout in sports history. But you could beat that figure. Warren Buffet and his company Berkshire Hathway are offering $1 Billion to anyone who fills out a perfect March Madness Bracket. One thousand million American dollars if you guess all 63 winners in the NCAA tournament. The odds are one in 4.3 billion. At the WSOP 2008, a player lost with Four Aces to a Royal Flush. The odds of that happening are one in 2.7 billion. Double those and you’ll get close to beating Warren’s odds!

Warren BuffetI’ll make it simpler. Picture this. Warren Buffet is at a poker table, and everybody else in the world gets to play one hand with him. He’s all in for a billion. For you to win the pot, he needs to be dealt aces and flop a four-of-a-kind, with a chance for you to draw out. You need to be dealt Suited Royal Flush Cards without the Ace (KQ, QJ, JT, KJ, KT, or QT), and then you would need to beat his Quads with a Runner-Runner Royal Flush. What’s more? You can only be dealt suited red cards (hearts or diamonds). But hey! The good news is that the earth’s population is nearly double these odds’ numbers. So if every single person on this planet participates, we might have two billionaires. Most importantly, you have to be In It to Win It. One guess could buy me an island in French Polynesia? I’m in.

Good luck!

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