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The return of Malcolme Kennedy, who brings his skill, willingness to get smashed over the middle with every play and his senior leadership, Speedy Noil, another emerging leader making the tough – and often spectacular catches and Ricky Seals-Jones improving every week, the Aggies seem to have a chance in Tuscaloosa. But, as Hunter Goodwin explained on TexAgs, the offensive line has GOT to get their fundamentals down: blocking, tackling, not crossing their feet, not pivoting. We need to be running the correct routes. And, we need to establish an efficient running game. The bottom line; if we don’t EXECUTE better, we can’t win.

We’ve improved defensively. Myles Garrett is a beast. DeShazor is still making big plays. Drew Kaser has been punting the ball inside the 15 yard line with regularity, putting the opposition in tough field position. We’ve been forcing a lot of three and outs. Still, teams are making the explosive plays, attacking our perimeter and often running through us. We have a long way to go.

Copag Peek-Index Poker CardsWith that being said, we believe the Aggies can win this game. Alabama has a great defense, but they’re beatable. We’ll find out if the Aggies can do it this Saturday afternoon. But if you want to predict the final score, knowing what you know now . . . click here to make your prediction. Whoever comes the closest, without going over, to predicting the final score will win a professional set of Copag Peek-Index Poker Cards including a durable, solid carrying case. If there’s a tie, whoever made the correct prediction first is the winner.

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