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Texas Poker StoreBy: Queen of Hearts Paris

Many times when I’m writing about poker I’ve been tempted to write “the game of poker . . .” and then I’ve stopped myself. Should I really be calling it a game? Don’t some people consider it a sport? After all, ESPN is not known for covering Monopoly or charades, but it sure is all over poker.

Queen of Hearts ParisNevertheless, I am pretty sure that poker is a game because of several things. First, it isn’t an activity that requires physical exertion and skill, attributes used to describe pretty much every sport. In fact, many would say that there is nothing at all physical about poker, unless you count the endurance necessary to get through long tournaments. On the other hand, although skill certainly plays a part in poker, luck seems to be at least equally as important, which is almost never the case with sports. It’s not that some athletes don’t “get lucky” in order to win or that some poker players aren’t incredibly skilled, but for the most part, “luck be a lady, tonight,” was written about the game of poker – not football.

The feel of the felt Still, it’s interesting to compare the most popular definitions of game and sport. In my next blog, I will demonstrate how similar they are. In the meantime, I’d love to know what YOU think, so please send in your comments. In the mean time we know a lot of people with Man Caves and for the most part their decor certainly welcomes you to their tables as a Player.

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