Jim “Pocket Bullets” Paris

Jim "Pocket Bullets" Paris

Jim Paris has been an entrepreneur for most of his life, reinventing himself several times to follow his passions. One of Jim Paris’ first jobs, after serving in the Army from 1962 to 1965, was in the mailroom of entertainment public relations giant, Rogers and Cowan. The 21-year old was quickly drawn to the entertainment industry by day; and by night, he immersed himself in the clubs, sex, drugs and rock and roll that defined the Hollywood scene in the late 60s. By 1970 he formed his own company, Paris Management, Inc. a multimedia company involved with television, record, and concert production based in San Francisco and began working with solo artists, garage bands and assorted performers.

Eventually, Paris became a quasi-partner with The Robert Fitzpatrick Organization, which managed top recording artists including Cream, Martha and the Vandellas, and Buddy Miles, and for several years he produced and managed Buddy Miles — including his tours, stage shows, and albums. He produced and directed Miles’ “Roadrunners” album in 1977 and the Buddy Miles Regiment’s “Sneak Attack” in 1980, released by Atlantic records in 1981.

Paris went on to produce “In The Pleasure Zone” with Monty Lee Stark and worked on several other projects over the next few years. After finally retiring from rock and roll, Paris focused his entrepreneurial energy on a new and burgeoning industry: the Internet. As one of the earliest to recognize the vast potential of web design, he formed two companies, Net Listings and Internet Media Development and went on to design and develop hundreds of websites.

After he and his wife moved to Texas in 2006, Paris became Vice-President of Marketing for GKG – an internet domain registration, hosting and web development company. While at GKG he started playing in their weekly Texas Hold’em tourneys. As he stated; “I’ve been playing poker since my army days . . . which is going back a heckuva long time, playing everything from 7-card stud to Texas Hold’em to whatever my friends made up on the spot. I loved playing poker; it was one of the best ways to pass the time when we were off duty.”Daniel Negreanu with Jim Paris

By the end of 2010, Paris designed and built the Texas Poker Store and the Texas Poker Store Blog to take advantage of the poker boom happening all over the world.  And, he closed the circle by finally writing his Rock and Roll memoirs in a book titled, “Them Changes,” published in 2014. (shown here in a photo taken at the 2015 WSOP with Daniel Negreanu,  his all-time favorite poker player.)

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