Lynn “Queen of Hearts” Paris

Before our very own “Queen of Hearts,” aka Lynn Paris, began blogging for the Texas Poker Store, she was the Lynn "Queen of Hearts" Pariscommunications coordinator for the Division of Marketing and Communications at Texas A&M University.

A California girl, she moved to Texas prior to her eight-year stint at the university to work on a highly prestigious project: a 2-year commission as Content Director for the redesign of the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum, writing all exhibit text as well as all original video and interactive scripts.

Ms. Paris’ work can be seen on the walls of museums and visitor centers throughout the country. From the Hollywood Entertainment Museum to the Hoover Dam Visitor Center, from The Prisoner of War Museum in Andersonville, GA to the Lakota Museum in South Dakota, she has interpreted history and brought figures from the past to life for millions to enjoy.

Now happily retired, she is putting her writing experience to excellent use for The Texas Poker Store (along with her husband and partner, Jim “Pocket Bullets” Paris) bringing a newbie’s perspective to the world of poker. As she has said, “You have to start somewhere with each new project. I was a “newbie” when it came to the Hoover Dam or George H. W. Bush Presidential Library until I began doing the research. The same philosophy should apply to poker.” Apparently it has, as she has already authored more than 50 poker-related blogs on this site. We are thrilled to have a writer of her caliber blogging for the Texas Poker Store and we’re pretty sure you will enjoy her work.

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Lynn also covered the Global Poker League from the beginning, drawing the attention of many poker players and the creator of the League, Alexander Dreyfus

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