Daniel Negreanu – Poker Tells Lesson

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Breaking away from the movies and focusing our attention on some great poker lessons, we’ll start with lessons from one of the best poker players around.

Daniel Negreanu teaches us the top 5 Poker Tells (actually only 4 of the top 5) in simple detail making it easy to remember them and to put them to use at your very next game.

Number 5 – Eyes to Chips

Number 4 – Early Chip Grab

Number 3 – Splashes the Pot

Number 2 – Jibber Jabber

And the Number 1 Tell …… you’ll have to find out for yourself. Maybe when you find what you where looking for, like that aluminum poker chip case cheap, you can also pick up a Texas hold em poker book, like Negreanu’s, and learn all the Tells.

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