Do You Know The Top Ten Poker Movies?

Saturday, March 31, 2012

We have posted a lot of videos about poker. We have shown ya’ll the best videos we could find about poker, from movies to television shows to videos on how to play poker. We’ve shown ya’ll great poker music videos. And we have had a lot of people email us asking for a list of the top poker movies of all time. So, because we like keeping all our poker friends and customers happy, here is a nice little video all about poker and the top ten poker movies: 10. All In – 9. Deal – 8. Casino – 7. Maverick – 6. Lucky You – 5. Croupier – 4. Shade – 3. Cincinnati Kid – 2. Rounders

and the number one poker movie of all time

1. Casino Royale – Featuring a great scene where James Bond beats the bad guy out of 115 million of his authentic casino poker chips. Classic bad beat.

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