The Big Game Streamed Live on Poker News April 11

Monday, April 9, 2012

We watch a lot of poker on TV and online streaming  broadcasts and learn a great deal simply by watching what the pros like Tom “Durrr” Dwan, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Ivey and Phil Hellmuth do. The advantage to us, the viewer,  is that we get to see what everyone’s hole cards are and therefore judge and learn from what the players do based on the fact that, of course, they can’t see anyone’s hole cards but their own. So we get to see how Negreanu may play an A-Q, or how Hellmuth may act to a raise when he’s holding suited A-10. From them, we learn when to check, raise, bluff, shove all in, or give it up and fold.

These broadcasts are a great source for learning how to improve your game and you can catch one of the online broadcasts on the day after tomorrow, Wednesday, April 11 at 4:00 pm CEDT (Central European Daylight Time). Some of the biggest names in poker will be sitting down for the 48-hour high-stakes cash game known as The Big Game. You can watch all the action, as it happens, live on PokerNews!, a game presented exclusively by Be part of something special, be part of The Big Game.

After you watch this online live-streaming broadcast you may want to pick up a few poker DVDs to help you hone your playing skills even more. Perhaps one day you will be invited to play The Big Game and that’s something you definitely want to be ready for!

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