How Much Would You bluff With an 8-9 Suited?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

I have watched a lot of poker at live tournaments everywhere and lots more on TV.  But I have to agree with Gabe Kaplan of “High Stakes Poker” that this game is one of the “most outstanding plays in high stakes poker, period.”

Tom Dwan outplays Phil Ivey and bluffs him out with an 8-9 of spades against his A-6 of diamonds. After everyone, except Ivey,  folded to Dwan’s cool $25,000 raise, the flop showed a 10-d, Q-c, and K-d. Tom is dominated by Phil’s nut flush draw and inside straight draw but it doesn’t scare him and he raises $45,800. Phil calls. The turn is the 3 of spades, a total blank for both players. Tom Dwan, with only a 9 high, bets $123,200; that’s a scary bluff. Phil calls again. The river is the 6 of clubs giving Ivey the wining hand by making a pair of sixes on the river, even though he misses on both his nut flush and straight draws. The pot is now $408,700 and Tom Dwan blasts out a $268,200 raise. Phil folds to one of the greatest bluffs in high stakes poker ever.

I don’t think I could ever do that and get away with it. I would be sweating bullets and giving off every tell known to mankind. Are you a rock steady, non-readable bluffer? How much would you bluff with an 8-9 of spades at a table with six players? Would you bet all your hard earned clay poker chips?

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