I Am Your Worst Nightmare!

Monday, July 25, 2011

In this game of Five Card Stud we find Commander William Riker,  Lt. Commander Worf,  Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge, Commander Dr. Beverly Crusher and Commander Deanna Troi involved in various conversations with Riker,  seemingly not paying attention to the game.  Riker is betting on a flush draw and bets heavily forcing everyone out except Commander Geordi. He believes he’s bluffing and calls him only to have Riker give him a wicked smile as he turns over the flush and declares “I am your worst nightmare” . . .  as he rakes in those Star Trek deluxe poker chips.


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  1. Wildman94 says:

    This just caught my eye and the first thing I noticed was how small their table was, and next was how low rent those chips were. Although the sound effects did make the chips sound more substantial than they looked (like cheap plastic).

    On a ship like that, the poker room has got to be big with indirect lighting. In the future, chips will be magnetically self-stacking and will group in like denominations keeping stacks equal and displaying the value of the stack on the top chip. An all-in forms the shape of a mechanized warrior and either conquers the pot or gets demolished by it based on the outcome.

    1. very observant of you, you’re right their table was very small, however I would bet their chips were probably made of Dilithium Crystals which are mainly used for Interstellar travel and come from the Remus Planet which was conquered by the Romulans. Nevertheless you are absolutely right they should have gotten bigger poker tables

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