Tadas “Poker Strategist” Peckaitis

We’re proud to introduce you to Tadas Peckaitis, a professional poker player, coach at mypokercoaching.com and poker author. He has published articles on well-known sites such as pokerupdate.com, cardplayerlifestyle.com and many others. He considers his strong suit to be his knowledge of poker strategy and ability to explain it in a simple way. We are thrilled to welcome Tadas to the Texas Poker Store blog and look forward to learning more poker strategy from him in his blog.


Tadas Peckaitis has been a professional poker player since 2008. He started learning poker and playing SNG online, and quickly went on to playing live, traveling through Europe playing EPTs and WSOP events, with a few big hits on the road. While traveling and playing live he began learning and playing HU-SNG.  He considers that one of the most valuable experiences he had since it helped him understand post flop lines and how to analyze board textures much more clearly.

Prior to playing HU-SNG, he hired a poker coach for 20 hours which helped him become a winner at small stakes almost at once. He moved on to playing 100s in no time, and even won a Sunday 215 HU tournament on Pokerstars, which he attributes directly to the impact of his poker coach.

In 2012,  Peckaitis decided to learn to play NLHE 6-max online and has been doing that ever since. He studied and learned all aspects of the game including the mental game, tilt management, GTO strategy and exploitative play.

Throughout that time, he continued to employ one or another poker coach. As he said, “If Michal Jordan thinks he needs a coach, I think I can benefit from one too”. He had more than 60 sessions of poker coaching from several different coaches that helped him in different aspects of his game. He strongly believes that having a coach is a crucial aspect of the game, one that will save you a LOT of money and time by helping you learn poker strategy faster and more efficiently. And now, says Peckaitis, you can get the experience of a personal coach for a fraction of the price with poker video training courses!

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