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In their final SEC home game, the Texas A&M Aggies will take on the Auburn Tigers. It’s expected to be a dogfight, regardless of what the line says. The game is meaningful for both teams, which means that we consider it our responsibility to tell you why before we invite you to play “Predict the Score.”

Auburn has not lived up to its promise, especially considering that their new defensive coordinator is Will Muschamp. They haven’t been an attacking, aggressive unit, and they’ve been allowing opposing teams to convert almost half of their 3rd down chances. Their offense has not shown that they can rush for a lot of yardage, either. But if there was ever a time to revive their running game, it would seem like playing against the Aggie D would be the answer to their prayers. In the last four games, the Texas A&M defense has allowed 230 or more rushing yards; that should be an invitation to pound the rock for Auburn.

On the other hand, the Aggie defense has been tough on passers, rushing and blitzing almost at will, and they have been extremely stingy with third downs, allowing opposing teams to convert a mere 32% of the time.

The bottom line is that if the Tigers commit to running the football, they have a shot at breaking their two-game losing streak and giving themselves a chance to go bowling. So they really need to win this one badly. The question is, can Kyler Murray, with his prodigious play-making skills, and the rest of the Aggie offense pile up enough running and receiving yardage to make it another Aggie win? Although Texas A&M is already bowl-eligible, a win could see them heading toward a 10-3 season. Not bad considering how Aggie fans were feeling a couple of weeks ago.

300 piece poker-chip setAs always, whoever predicts the final score of this contest first, without going over, will be the  next “Texas Poker Store Predict the Score” prizewinner, winning a 300 piece 11.5G Holdem Poker Chip Set w/Aluminum Case. And remember, in case of a tie, whoever made the correct prediction first is the winner, so you don’t much time to waste, get your predictions in now.

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Pocket Bullets ParisBy: Pocket Bullets Paris

The fact that LSU dominated the Aggies in every aspect of the game played on Thanksgiving, and the fact that the Aggies looked pretty bad for most of the game (couldn’t get any offense going, couldn’t stop the Tigers from plowing through them on the same three or four running plays) didn’t make it any easier to actually have an opportunity to win the game in the final minutes (when things were finally gelling) only to have a bad call by the refs decide the outcome. Hopefully, Kyler Murray remains committed to Texas A&M, along with some of the other big name recruits we’re counting on for next season, because this team never really got it together. Neither Kenny Hill nor Kyle Allen has been the spark that was needed, that guy who can put the team on his back and will it to win, proving how very much we missed “Johnny.”

We don’t know yet which bowl we’ll be playing in with our 7-5 regular season record or what team we’ll be battling. We DO know that it will be played without DC Mark Snyder, who was “relieved of his duties” following the game; it’s a pretty safe bet that his bags were already packed.

I-may-be-bluffin-girlsWe also know that we had a winner at The Texas Poker Store. We had an incredibly close prediction by Richard Marks, who chose LSU over the Aggies by a score of 28-17. Not only did he come away with the 300 Poker Chip Set, but we think he should be a regular at the poker tables; he’s definitely a winner!

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The Texas A&M Aggies went into Jordan-Hare and ended the No. 3 Auburn Tigers’ 14-game winning streak at home in a huge upset win on Saturday. They brought the excitement, intensity and effort we’ve been missing over the last month, including their up-tempo offense, led by 18-year-old Kyle Allen who unquestionably won himself the starting quarterback job for the remainder of the season. The Aggies played hard on offense, defense and special teams, with some of the biggest plays coming from the amazing Myles Garrett, DeShazor Everett, Malcolme Kennedy, Alonzo Williams, Trey Williams, Speedy Noil, Mike Matthews and . . . wait! There are actually too many to mention!

300 Chip SetSo, here at TPS, we’ll just say “Welcome Back, Aggies” and then mention our very own winner of the 300 Poker Chip Set with an Aluminum Case, 2 decks of playing cards and a poker button set prize. Our winner was Buddy, who came the closest (by still having faith in the Aggies) to predicting the final score.

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During the long wait until the football season begins again, which for Aggie fans like me is August 28 when Texas A&M plays the South Carolina Gamecocks, and the even longer wait until the November Nine face off against each other at the WSOP Final Table, there’s not a whole lot that gets me excited (other than my beautiful wife, of course).

So, we decided it was time to do a redesign of the Texas Poker Store website. The site has had the same look and feel since we began selling poker-related products online three years ago. We have probably doubled or tripled the amount of products we offer, but the site has remained the same.

We originally designed the site in shades of brown, with a wood-grained, down-home Texas country feel to it. That look was important in establishing our brand identity. Once we started to become recognized, we didn’t want to mess with success, so we didn’t make any changes. Then, we got into social media, and when it came time to design a business page for Facebook and then for Twitter, we wanted something eye-catching, but also more closely aligned with the look associated with poker sites. That meant bold primary colors, lots of black, red and green chips and a hand of cards. We used a variation of that design for our blog site as well. And our friends and fans started reacting to it, letting us know they loved the new look.

We realized that our brand was really our name and our logo, consisting of the Texas Lone Star and TPS in a circle and that everything else could change; it didn’t matter. So, to maintain a consistent identity across platforms we’ve redesigned the store to share the same look as our social sites, incorporating our logo, the chips and the best damn hand you can draw in any standard poker game . . . a royal flush.Win this 300 Chip Set

We’re launching the new site tonight and we’re excited. We’re so excited that we want to give something away! The tenth person who lets us know they like the new look by sending us an email from the contact page at – will win this 300-piece poker chip set in an aluminum case, complete with two decks of standard poker cards, a dealer button and blind buttons.

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