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Pocket Bullets ParisJim “Pocket Bullets” Paris

Last year about this same time we had several people who wanted to know our opinion on the right poker table they should get. Some of them wanted something that they could easily store away when not in use, while others wanted to set up their man cave with just the right table or tables for their in home tournaments. Our answers were simple and here they are revisited for all of you who have recently posed the same questions to us.

There are various kinds of poker tables available in the market and choosing the right poker table for your game room is important. There are folding poker tables that are excellent for the casual home or office games, and there is a variety of table tops that are easy to store away in your closet or take with you on trips. And, of course, there are the professional poker tables that would fit in the best game room in your house, office, ManCave, or poker room.

AcesPro Poker Table
Aces Pro Poker Table

First thing you need to decide is what kind of table you want. Choose our Aces Pro Poker Table, a 96 inch portable table (pictured above) that you can fold up and store or carry away or a permanent piece of furniture like our 101.5 inch Lumen Poker table (pictured below). You can also choose from standard casino style tables to octagonal folding tables or table tops and with different color felts, with the most popular being green – but they also come in red, black or blue felts to complement your décor. If you take your game seriously then your poker table needs to be a comfortable place for your friends to gather and play for hours. Choose wisely and have fun. And don’t forget, all our tables can be customized with your logo, name, or just about any graphic you would like.

The Lumen Poker Table

We have a lot of great tables to choose from, as well as tons of other poker supplies, make sure to look around the store and call or email us if you need more information about any of the products we carry.

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Pocket Bullets ParisBy: Pocket Bullets Paris

Poker can be played anywhere, anytime, and on any surface. In fact, some of my earliest poker playing memories come from the crazy games we had in the army. Those were fun games when we played for pennies and it never mattered when the cards got messed up and our pennies got lost falling into the cracks of the surfaces we sometimes played on.

As your interest in the fine art of poker competition expands, the more and more challenging your opponents become, and the bigger and bigger the stakes grow. When that happens, you soon realize that you no longer want to play on crappy tables where the cards can get messed up and, by now, your bigger pennies get lost in the sand or mud or fall through the cracks of whatever surfaces you’re playing on.

You begin to dream about the perfect table for your growing Man Cave. We found lots of them and here is just one of the many we love: the Aces Pro Tournament Poker Table available at the Texas Poker Store.

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