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Pocket Bullets ParisJim “Pocket Bullets” Paris

These days seems like you just finish one poker tournament in time to get ready for the next one. Around the globe, the biggest tournament, of course, is the World Series of Poker; in second place comes the Aussie Millions – Australia, followed by the Latin America Poker Tour – Brazil, then the World Series of Poker Circuit event in New Orleans. There are way too many for us to give you a complete list, but we will do our very best to keep you informed with plenty of time for you to gather your $$$, your senses, and of course, giving you enough time to sit at any poker table and hone your skills.

Super High Roller BowlFor now, here’s one for you to keep your eye on; perhaps you can shoot for it next year as it has already sold out for this year. In fact, hard as it is to believe, it sold out on the very first day with a buy-in of $300,000! There are a total of 50 players which created a prize pool of $15 million with $5 million going to the winner.

The 2017 Super High Roller Bowl sold out so fast that it has been confirmed as the World Championship of High Stakes Poker. 35 seats were sold out the first day and the remaining 15 seats were held back and will be chosen by the Aria Resort and Casino.

Every player wants to play in The Super High Roller Bowl. Not everyone can get in. The following are the confirmed players for the tournament:

Christian Christner Antonio Esfandiari Igor Kurganov
Matt Berkey Connor Drinan Steffen Sontheimer
Jake Schindler Pratyush Buddiga Rainer Kempe
Sean Winter John Juanda Dominik Nitsche
Christoph Vogelsang Stefan Schillhabel Andrew Robl
Brian Rast Bryn Kenney Fedor Holz
David Peters Jason Les Ben Tollerene
Tom Marchese Erik Seidel Sam Soverel
Scott Seiver Ankush Mandavia David Einhorn
Nick Petrangelo Haralabos Voulgaris Isaac Haxton
Andrew Lichtenberger Doug Polk Ben Sulsky
Byron Kaverman Koray Aldemir

The remaining 15 players will be announced by the Aria Resort and Casino. If your name is not on the list above, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get in next year. Good luck to y’all.

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Pocket Bullets ParisBy: Pocket Bullets Paris

Back in July the FBI arrested Wei Seng “Paul” Phua and his son, Wai Kit ‘Darren’ Phua for allegedly leading a multimillion-dollar World Cup betting scheme. Richard Yong and his son Wai Kin Yong were also arrested for being connected to the same illegal betting operation supposedly being masterminded by Phua and operated from Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Caesars did not have anything to do with this alleged illegal betting operation and they weren’t in any way implicated by the FBI. This past Tuesday Phua and his son pleaded not guilty to illegal gambling charges.Phil Ivey and Daniel Cates to the rescue

Some of our best known and certainly classiest poker players sprung into action during this years World Series of Poker. Phil Ivey and Andrew Robl posted $2.5 million to bail out Phua and his son. That was not all, later that week Ivey and Dan “jungleman” Cates put up another $2 million to bail out Yong and his son.

Johnson “John” Juanda and Tom “Durrrr” Dwan also pitched in. Juanda sent a letter to the FBI calling the Yongs men of “honor and integrity,” and Dwan put up his Las Vegas homes for the defendants as a part of their release.

Both Phua and Yong have been involved for years in the super high-roller community. They both have played in numerous six-figure events in Macau and Las Vegas and everywhere in between. They both played in the inaugural $1 Million BIG ONE for ONE DROP. They are not just well known classy players, they’re both extremely well respected through out the world of poker.Phil Ivey on Tilt

Poker may be a game where anyone can go on tilt and turn the poker tables upside down but when you’re a player of integrity and honor, even if you go on tilt from time to time, poker players got your back!

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Vinny The GrinderBy The Grinder

From Busto to Robusto is a really cool documentary focusing on the life of a poker player. It stars Andrew Robl, a highly successful online poker player, and it showcases the free, lucrative and at times haphazard lifestyle of a professional poker player who has made it. Millions of poker players appreciate this freedom, and choose a wanderlust liberating life that appears Utopian to the rest of the world. Daniel Negreanu is probably the senior-most pro I can think of who follows this lifestyle.

However, some poker players have planted their seed of poker skills. In other words, they have children who are successful poker players themselves. The most famous successful father-son pair is that of Doyle Texas Dolly Brunson and his son Todd. Todd might not share his dad’s wonderful smile, but he sure does roll in high benjamins and carries the same poise. Next up, are Barry and Jeff Shulman, both being successful tournament poker players. Jeff, who is the Editor of Card Player Magazine, is one of my favorite poker personalities alongside Phil Hellmuth and Huck Seed. This father-son duo has cashed in several WSOP and WPT events. Thirdly, we have Barry Greenstein and Joe “The Cub” Sebok. Sebok is Barry’s step son, and though he doesn’t happen to sport his dad’s womanizing beard, he is equally successful at the poker tables. Admittedly, Joe, Jeff and Todd have had easier lives than their fathers who had to crawl their way to success. However, I commend Doyle and the two Barrys for supporting their sons in pursuing this volatile profession. If you’re a poker player, would you take that chance?


Good Luck!

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