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Lynn "Queen of Hearts" ParisLynn “Queen of Hearts” Paris

For many poker fans, PokerGo is an indispensable subscription service (for $10 per month) that delivers direct-to-consumer content via the internet rather than through a traditional broadcast provider. You know, like Netflix, only for poker lovers! If you’re smart, you’ve probably watched some of your favorite live events on PokerGo, like “Poker After Dark,” “Poker Masters,” “The World Series of Poker,” “The World Poker Tour,” various “Super High Roller Bowls” and much more.

It’s really a veritable feast for poker fans. You can watch live poker action streaming in your living room or lying in bed. . . or on your favorite browser while sitting at your PC or laptop. And you can also catch any live events you missed On-Demand. But how many of you have realized how good the original content is?

Recently Poker Central, a major content provider, announced its newest original production, a six-part series shot in 4K, entitled  “Legends of the Game.” Each episode will provide an in-depth look at some of gambling’s biggest legends, including many of poker’s most defining characters and moments. It began on Sept. 28 with its first episode: Benny Binion – The Story of the World Series of Poker.

The remaining episodes will cover the birth and rise of poker in the U.S., the roots of the first casino stemming back to 17th century Italy, through to the Mob roots and rise of Las Vegas. Two more undeniable legends of the game, both with plenty of lore and mystery, are also being featured,: Stu Ungar and David “Chip” Reese.

“The history of poker has birthed some incredible stories that have shaped the world of gambling today,” said Sampson Simmons, President of Poker Central. “Our goal is to share these compelling stories to an audience of poker fans and beyond in a way that has never been done before.”

Produced independently by Poker Central, “Legends of the Game” is the latest original series available exclusively through the PokerGO streaming service. From behind-the-scenes stories and interviews told on “Hand Histories” and “Stories from the Felt,” to the acclaimed docuseries “INSIDERS: Super High Roller Bowl 2018,” PokerGO’s original productions provide unmatched access to the world of poker.

“Legends of the Game” Episodes and Air Dates

Sept. 28Benny Binion – The Story of the World Series of Poker
Oct. 5Stu Ungar – The Tragic Hero
Oct. 12The Poker Trail – The Birth and Rise of Poker
Oct. 19Il Ridotto – The Story of the First CasinoPoker
Oct. 26Mob Vegas
Nov. 2The Incomparable “Chip” Reese

Watch this series and you might learn enough to help you at the poker tables!

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Jim "Pocket Bullets" ParisJim “Pocket Bullets” Paris

Since 1979, when the Poker Hall of Fame was established by the owner of  the Horseshoe Casino, Benny Binion, to honor the world’s greatest poker players, 50 world class poker players have been inducted. Johnny “The Grand Old Man of Poker” Moss was the very first inductee and with this announcement, the total is now 52.

Poker Hall of Fame

The Class of 2016 added a couple of new members, Todd Brunson and Carlos Mortensen, to poker’s most exclusive club, the Poker Hall of Fame.

Todd Brunson“It’s a true honor to be inducted by my peers into this prestigious institution,” said Todd Brunson. “I literally grew up attending these ceremonies and have always respected and admired its members. To join their ranks is the honor of a lifetime.”

Carlos MortensenCarlos Mortensen was heard saying, “I have been playing poker professionally for more than 20 years. This game has given me so many things that I have come to cherish. I’ve always wanted to be included among the great players who make up the Poker Hall of Fame. To be included with the legends makes me very happy. I want to thank my friends, the poker fans, and all the people who vote for me. I take this honor very seriously.”

The official induction will occur Oct. 26 at the Binion’s Gambling Hall in Las Vegas, kicking off the November Nine festivities just before the World Series of Poker Main Event final table at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino Oct. 30 through Nov. 1.

The criteria for the Poker Hall of Fame is as follows:

  • A player must have played poker against acknowledged top competition
  • Be a minimum of 40 years old at time of nomination
  • Played for high stakes
  • Played consistently well, gaining the respect of peers
  • Stood the test of time
  • Or, for non-players, contributed to the overall growth and success of the game of poker, with indelible positive and lasting results.

When Harrah’s Entertainment, now known as Caesars Entertainment, acquired the rights to the WSOP in 2004, it also assumed ownership of the Poker Hall of Fame. Currently, membership in the Poker Hall of Fame is handled directly by the WSOP.

Have any of you ever wanted to be known as a “kick ass” poker player? If you answered yes, then you best sit in on as many poker tables as you can to try to perfect your game. It’s possible, even if only remotely, that you could then be considered among the very best. Of course it’s a lot more likely that you’ll start to win more and, at the very least, have a helluva lot more fun.

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Vinny The GrinderBy The Grinder

Poker isn’t a game for nice guys. Sure, there are nice guys in the game, but they don’t come without a shady spot or two. Then, of course, you have the real bad ones. Of course, they have good sides to them. This sounds much like a Poker Yin-Yang, doesn’t it? Given a choice though, don’t we all love the bad guys in poker, and at times want to be like them? I mean the real hardcore gangster material, who have been poster boys of this vice.

Jack Binion River RatsLook at Benny Binion, for example. He stole, murdered, moonshined, and pedalled his way to making the rich man’s dream come alive, and yet the world loves Benny. His glory days at the good old Glitter Gulch will always be full of interesting stories you could hear at the poker table. One could also relate him to the likes of Amarillo Slim, Doyle Brunson, Johnny Moss, Jack Binion, and Puggy Pearson. Most of these guys didn’t have a history of crime like Benny did. But who would want to mess with this group? Would you really want to pick a fight with a guy who has at least a hundred poker stories ending with some guy shooting another guy over a silly hand? I’m pretty sure this cigar-chewing, fire-breathing mischief of river rats would put Alex DeLarge or Norman Bates to shame if they were to be messed with. Not to mention, they were fire-breathing aggressive poker dragons at the table as it is. I call them the River Rat Pack. This group totally reminds me of the other kind of rats —The real Rat Pack: Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop.

Frank Sinatra and the Rat PackThough to a lesser extent, Frank was just like Benny. A good man not to be messed with. Aside from being gifted entertainers, Frank and his boys were party freaks—showstoppers—who were the lifeline of Vegas nightlife, when Vegas mattered. This was back in the day, and I’m pretty darned sure you know who they are. If you don’t, I suggest you take time off, and read about them. See their performances and interviews on youtube. You are sure to find a documentary or two about both these clans of men. To me, they are ‘A few good men who were bad to the bone’. Benny and his River Rat Pack; and Frank and his Rat Pack. Just like two packs of playing cards run a cash table all night, these packs ran the golden days of Las Vegas.

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