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Notes From The GrinderNotes From The Grinder

Today, I decided to write a few personal opinions and a few rules of thumb, if you will, about tipping, based on my tipping experiences and observations. First of all,  I played a lot in India, and I noticed that nobody tips there. I racked my brains over this and reached no conclusion, other than the assumption that it’s ‘a cultural thing’.

So, my sample pool is from my observations in Texas and here, in Ohio. Tipping consistently and judiciously is both wise and ethical. You have to be an invisible tipper as a poker player, just like you have to be invisible as a casino dealer. What that means is, you have to be both unnoticed and appreciated at the poker table, without being in the spot light among dealers and players, either as a miser or as a money-throwing machine. You have to strike the right balance between being a Dealophile (an excessive tipper) and a Chrematozeusophobe (scarce tipper)– two words I coined, and own the rights to, for the purpose of this discussion.

To find an exact “in-between” is an art that requires dodging a lot of goating. You are going to be goated if you tip too much or too little. My two cents? Tip a dollar for a pot above $8. Tip a dollar. I repeat. Tip a dollar. You win $20 – tip a dollar. You win $50 or $200 – tip a dollar. Dealers and players “will” goat you with stares and taunts. Nevertheless, casinos and their dealers know for a fact that it is totally appropriate, in fact wise, to tip ‘a consistent dollar’.

The Casino X2 Poker TableYou watch High Stakes Poker. Players sit with half-a-million at the poker tables. They still tip $5 every time they rake a pot. They don’t act like drunk dealophiles and tip a thousand. It doesn’t matter who says or thinks what . . . just tip a dollar; its fine! Most of these goatings are going to be heard in the form of dumb wisecracks from the “Poker-God-Fearing Clan”.. These simple-minded folk will more often than not give you some garbage about Karma or Poker Gods. Nope.. Not true. You will not run good if you tip well, and vice versa. Those beliefs “are” rural. . . dumb . . . superstitious. Consistently tip a dollar, and you will be fine. Dealophilia is Negative EV.

Good Luck at the tables!

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Pocket Bullets ParisPocket Bullets Paris

Texas A&M Aggies vs SMU MustangsIt’s Game Day and we’re predicting that it will be an easy win for the Aggies today. The Southern Methodist Mustangs QB Garrett Gilbert will be trying to continue his completions lead by hitting his go to receivers Darius Joseph and Jeremy Johnson, but will that be enough to stop the 12th Man? We don’t think so. After all, it’s not a fair competition; remember that SMU has not defeated A&M since 1984.

the Casino X2 Poker Table from The Texas Poker StoreThat makes it a no-brainer for us to go all-in for the Aggies. So we have put away our poker tables and donned our Aggie shirts and are headed to Kyle Field to join the thousands of loyal die-hard Texas A&M fans to cheer for our Texas Fighting Aggies. After all, can anybody stop the Aggie offense? Can anybody prevent Mike Evans from balling or Johnny Manziel from being Johnny? Go Aggies! BTHOsmu!

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