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Lynn "Queen of Hearts" ParisLynn “Queen of Hearts” Paris

For those who need reminding, there were 7,874 entries for the WSOP’s Main Event, each putting up $10K to take a wild swing at that $8.8 million championship money and that golden bracelet. Most are just hoping to get a piece of that astounding prize pool of $74,015,600. What’s always been amazing to me is that you can win about half-a-million dollars coming in 12th – 15th. Or, a million dollars for being in ninth place. Where else can you do that?

But there’s another facet to the Main Event that’s also pretty amazing. You can be among the greatest poker players of all time and go home with nothing.

Daniel Negreanu After busting out of the Main Event on Day 1, Daniel Negreanu recorded his VLOG with good humor and no excuses. Well, except for the fact that he drew no pairs, no straights, no flushes, no flops, no nothing, which was not an excuse since I watched it happen. Nothing went “Kid Poker’s” way.  Following him around as he navigated the rail and the floor, it was refreshing to watch him smile and pose for selfies with every fan who approached him, keeping his spirits up for his fans. When his two jacks got beaten by a pair of 10s (with another 10 on the flop), he ‘faked” a bad tilt, got some laughs and walked away from the table looking somewhat confused. On his way out he said, among other things, that it was almost impossible to go broke on Day 1. I could see the frustration in his eyes, but he held it together beautifully. All that, plus he and his girlfriend of four years broke up a couple of weeks ago.

Scott Blumstein

Of course, Negreanu wasn’t the only big name to be eliminated on Day 1, just the one I cared about the most. Last year’s Champion, Scott Blumstein, also busted on the first day, as did 2007 champ, Jerry Yang and 2016 champ, Qui Nguyen.

The only good thing about it was that “Kid Poker” was free to add color commentary, along with Norm and Lon on Day 3. I like listening to him talk strategy (way over my head, of course), teach a little, predict what certain players will do (and usually get it right, or poke fun at himself when he’s completely wrong) but I can’t help wondering what’s going on inside his head. I KNOW he wanted to make a deep run.

John HespI just checked the latest chip counts online and at this moment Ignacio Sanchez is leading with 620,200 and there are 47 players with more than 400,000  chips. But it’s just a moment in time. Any of them could double up or go broke; the next time I check, the chip leaders could be Cliff Josephy and Phil Ivey – there is so much poker left to play. But not for some other big names who have already been eliminated, like Jason Mercier, John Hesp (last year’s sensation), and Maria Ho. It doesn’t matter Maria Ho what you did last year or last week at the Main Event. I know I’m excited to see what will enfold over the next couple of weeks. Are you enjoying the action, too?



You too could get one of these diamond encrusted bracelets. All you need is to make it to the WSOP, drop down 10 grand to enter the main event, then outlast thousands of other players, make it to the Final Table and it could be yours. Easy, right?

WSOP Main Event Championship Bracelet

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Jim "Pocket Bullets" ParisJim “Pocket Bullets” Paris

2016 WSOP Main Event Final TableAs hard to believe as it may seem to some of us, Day one for the Final Table, the “November 9” of the World Series of Poker Main Event, is in the history books. The day saw some back and forth swings of the chip lead between Qui Nguyen and Cliff Josephy. Josephy came into the first day with the chip lead. On the very first hand, Nguyen, who was in second place, came out swinging as he four-bet Josephy to 8,250,00. Josephy quickly folded, giving Nguyen the chip lead.

Qui Nguyen vs Cliff JosephyAlthough that chip lead was exchanged several times between these two guys, the night delivered some unexpected moves that saw almost half the field sent to the rails. First out was the Spaniard, Fernando Pons. When he shoved, Josephy snapped called and Pons was eliminated in ninth place and went home with a million dollars. Not bad for his first time! The eliminated players thus far are:

  1. Fernando Pons (9th $1,000,000)
  2. Jerry Wong (8th $1,100,076)
  3. Griffin Benger (7th $1,250,190)
  4. Kenny Haellart (6th $1,464,258)

Here are the chip counts heading into Day Two of the Final Table:

Seat 1: Vojtech Ruzicka – 62,250,000 (62 bbs)
Seat 2: Qui Nguyen – 128,625,000 (128 bbs)
Seat 3: Cliff Josephy – 63,850,000 (63 bbs)
Seat 4: Michael Ruane – 23,700,000 (23 bbs)
Seat 5: Gordon Vayo – 58,200,000 (58 bbs)

Our eyes and ears at the Rio Hotel and Casino are anxious for the Day Two action to start at the Final Table. It looks like Nguyen could be impossible to beat, but we all know that things can turn around swiftly at the poker table. My wife is pulling for Michael Ruane, however, and it doesn’t look too good for him right now. For both of their sake, hopefully Lady Luck will finally throw some good cards his way.

If you run into any of our guys there make sure to say “Hi” from the team at the Texas Poker Store.

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Our blogger Vinny, who posts under the guise of the “Grinder” in “Confessions of A Grinder” is currently at the WSOP and we expect to see some pics that we will share with y’all in the next few days. In the meantime, here is what’s happened since we last reported;

Benny ChenOn Tuesday Benny Chen, 32 years old, from Prince Edward Island, Canada, may no longer be considered just an amateur poker player who manages a restaurant as his real job, because he is now a millionaire after winning the first-ever “Millionaire Maker” No Limit Hold’em Event at the 44th Annual World Series of Poker.  Chen fought valiantly through a very lengthy final table and defeated Michael Bennington heads-up earning him a nice little pay day of $1,199,104 plus, of course, the sought-after WSOP gold bracelet. Chen became the second Canadian bracelet winner of this series.

Matthew WaxmanMatthew Waxman took control over a  field of 1,837 players and eventually battled hard in the biggest heads-up fight of his young career against former bracelet winner Eric Baldwin, taking Baldwin down after six hours and more than 200 hands  to grab a payday of $305,952, plus his first very own shiny new WSOP bracelet.

Michael Malm29-year-old Michael Malm from Coquilam, British Columbia, reigned over Event 8  to become the third Canadian-born champion of the WSOP 2013. It wasn’t easy but he pushed through and took his first bracelet and $225,104 in the $2,500 Eight Game Mix event.

Cliff JosephyCliff Josephy,  considered by many to be a legend of the online poker world, has claimed his second gold bracelet by showing a bunch of younger poker pros that you don’t have to be young to win. New Yorker Josephy championed the final table of the $3,000 No Limit Hold’em Shootout and took home not only bracelet number two but a little check for $299,486.

Brent WheelerBrent Wheeler never gave up and finally, after the third time of reaching the final table, he broke through a field of 645  in the $1,500 Limit Hold’em  Event 10. Coming from St. Charles, IL. Wheeler had cashed at a couple of final tables before, but finally on Thursday morning he crushed the hopes of Mark Mierkalns and stopped him from becoming the fourth Canadian to take a bracelet home. Wheeler takes home not only the bracelet he snatched away from Mierkalns but he adds a cool $191,605 to his bank account.

Levi BergerLevi Berger came out victorious in the $2,500 Six-Handed No Limit Hold’em Event, winning his first bracelet and earning him the sweet sum of $473,019 after defeating two-time gold bracelet winner Scott Clements.  Berger, a 22-year old from Los Angeles, California, originally hails from Ottowa, Canada, adding to the hot run the Canadian players are having this year.

We are very excited about this year’s WSOP Events thus far and we have our eyes and ears on the floor at the Rio watching as many poker tables as we can, so stay tuned we’ll be bringing you lots more action.

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