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Pocket Bullets ParisBy: Pocket Bullets Paris

It may be a tough pill for dedicated Aggie fans to swallow, but fair is fair and on Wednesday Lucinda Maller predicted that the Alabama Crimson Tide would roll over the Texas A&M Aggies  35
to 28. Coming closest first without going over, she delivered the final blow to us which forced our Chief Dealer to pronounce Maller the winner of the Texas Poker Store “Predict the Score” contest, which means we’ll be shipping out the 300 Chip Big Slick Texas Hold’em 11.5 g Set to her. Congratulations, Lucinda.

It was a tough battle for the Aggies. Kyle Allen was certainly out of sync with his receivers Saturday as he threw a total of three passes that were intercepted and returned for touchdowns. Two of them were picked off by Minkah Fitzpatrick, making him the first player in Alabama history to return two interceptions for touchdowns in a game. Allen threw the first interception on the Aggies’ second drive and Fitzpatrick returned that one for 33 yards. Allen threw his second interception on a high pass that was picked off by Eddie Jackson and returned for 93 yards and, to add insult to injury, he was picked off a third time by Fitzpatrick for a return of 55 yards. And it wasn’t only Allen who was not on point; Kyler Murray was intercepted on the last play of the third quarter which resulted in a field goal.

As coach Sumlin said in his post-game presser, you can’t give a great team like Alabama those kinds of freebies and expect to win. Hopefully for Aggie fans, the team figures out how to fix their normally explosive offense before next week’s game against Ole Miss. 300-chip-set-big-slick

Have fun with your Big Slick Texas Holdem Poker Chips Lucinda.

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Pocket Bullets ParisBy: Pocket Bullets Paris

The next two Aggie football games seem to have a lot in common. In back-to-back weeks they have the exact same schedule . . . they’re playing in Dallas, which means bussing to the Metroplex on Friday and getting to see family and friends from the area. Both games (this Saturday, September 20th against SMU and next Saturday, September 27th against Arkansas) will be played at 2:30 p.m. CST. Both will be attended by tons of Aggie fans, the 12th Man, because so many live in the area or will drive there. And of course, according to Coach Sumlin, the Aggies will prepare for each game in exactly the same way, because that’s what they do!Gig' Em

But that’s where the similarities end. This Saturday, the #6 Texas A&M football team will be facing an 0-2, non-conference, unranked SMU team, whose well-known coach, June Jones just stepped down. The game will be at Ford Stadium, where most estimate that maroon will predominate in the stands. The Mustangs are hurting big time, and this should be another opportunity for a lot of guys on A&M to get some significant playing time and for some slightly injured players to rest their injuries for another week. Look for a blow-out.

Next Saturday, the Ags will be playing Arkansas in a nationally televised conference game, aka the Southwest Classic at ATT&T Stadium. The Razorbacks may not be the best team in the SEC’s western division, but they beat Texas Tech handily and they’re big and strong, SEC-strong and as we all know, anything is possible in SEC football.

The feel of the felt Be sure to check out our next blog when we’ll break down the Arkansas game in preparation for our Predict the Score contest. In the meantime, have fun at the poker tables. Thanks to the 2:30 game times, there’s plenty of time to enjoy football and poker two weekends in a row.

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Pocket Bullets ParisPocket Bullets Paris

Well, we predicted a close game and we quoted Coach Sumlin who said that Auburn was “very different from the team we played last year.” We just didn’t know how different. We didn’t know that the Auburn Tigers would win on both lines of scrimmage or that the Aggies would score 41 points but turn the ball over twice. We didn’t know that despite a good showing in the second and third quarters, the Aggie defense would be horrible in the first quarter and totally fall apart in the fourth, allowing the Tigers to score touchdowns on four of their final five possessions. But most of all, we couldn’t know that Johnny would injure his throwing shoulder,  and that even though he demonstrated his incredible competitive spirit and returned to the field to play . . . that he’d be stopped.

2 Decks of Professional quality Copag Poker size Playing CardsNevertheless, out of all the voters who predicted high-scoring shoot-outs, the only one who predicted an Auburn win was Frankie S. We’re beginning to think he’s trolling the Texas Poker Store blog, but that’s okay; he still won! Congratulations and come claim your double set of  World Class Copag Poker Playing Cards, Frankie S!

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Pocket Bullets ParisPocket Bullets Paris

Heading into the Saturday game at Kyle Field ( on CBS at 2:30 CST) it’s best to forget about last year’s Aggie rout of the Tigers and remember what Coach Sumlin said when asked about the difference between last year’s Auburn team and this year’s.

“They’re 5-1,” Sumlin said. “They’re ranked 24th in the country. They’re very different from the team we played last year.”

So, what does Texas A&M have to look out for? The running game, led by Tre Mason against an Aggie D that’s been gashed all year against the run. The Tigers also have a good quarterback in Nick Marshall who can run and pass, possibly creating some problems for our secondary. And a fired up team playing under an excellent new coach named Gus Malzahn.

And what does Auburn have to look out for? Obviously, like every other team, they have to try (somehow) to contain Johnny Manziel, a feat becoming more challenging with every week. Their defense has to contend with our powerful running game, led by Ben Malena, Trey Williams and Manziel, and our receivers . . .. Mike Evans, Malcolme Kennedy, Sabian Holmes, Derel Walker . . . and a whole bunch of others waiting in the wings. And, of course, one of the biggest stars from last week: Travis Labhart!

So will the Aggie defense make the big plays when they need to like they did against Ole Miss? Will the Aggie offense continue to score at will? Or is Auburn ready for a huge win? As always, we’re picking the Ags to win this one, although we think it may be close.A set of Copag Poker Sized Cards

Whoever comes closest (without going over) to predicting the final score will win a double set of  World Class Copag Poker Playing Cards. That is two complete decks of durable professional high quality poker-size plastic-coated cards. You could be the winner this time. It’s easy. Just click on the Leave your Comments link below and post your prediction. We will get in touch with you within 48 hours after the end of the game if you are the winner.

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