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As 2016 draws to a close (thankfully, for many of us) it’s probably a good time to revisit our sporadic review of the status of legal online poker. When we began covering it, we assumed that there would be exciting news to report on a semi-regular basis as state legislatures voted to follow Nevada’s lead to legalize and regulate online poker.  However, with the exception of New Jersey and Delaware, nothing much has happened since 2013. In fact, more states have legalized marijuana than online gaming, something we could never have predicted.Online Poker

Looking ahead to 2017, there are four states that might push to get a bill passed – Pennsylvania, California, Michigan and New York — although all face hurdles that may be difficult to overcome.

As Greg Raymer, member of the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) Board of Directors put it, “Every state has a chance, and the best way to get online poker in your state is to let your representatives know you want it, and that their decision on this issue makes a difference when it’s time for you to vote. Tell them now, and tell them often. And get your poker friends to do the same.”

It is difficult to understand how states which already allow betting on horse racing, Daily Fantasy sports, and the sale of lottery tickets haven’t made more progress getting an online poker bill passed. It’s not like they couldn’t make good use of the potential millions of dollars of revenue generated by legalizing and regulating the poker industry.

On the federal level, it’s anybody’s guess, since predicting what the President-elect will do is a foolhardy proposition. What we do know is that there are several congressmen who pushed for an online gambling ban in 2016, including Senators Tom Cotton, Lindsey Graham and Mike Lee and U.S. Representative Mike Fitzpatrick. Behind the desire to ban online poker is none other than billionaire casino owner Sheldon Adelson, an ardent anti-online gaming mogul. How much he will attempt to influence the new administration is not known, but if he wants republicans to protect his brick and mortar interests, all bets for a 2017 online gambling victory will be off.

In the meantime, those of us who live in a state which still does not allow online poker have to be content with playing on the virtual felt of online poker free-roll tables.

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We took another look at the state of online poker legislation in the beginning of January and promised to let you know whenever there was news. As you know, there are currently three states –Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware — in which online poker is legal and regulated. New Jersey has the largest of the markets, hosting and Nevada, which is dominated by, and Delaware both have sites, along with an agreement to share players which has seen limited success.

In the last two months several states have managed to pass bills that legalize DFS (daily fantasy sports) but not online poker. In California, poker players were particularly upset to see their pending bill pushed aside while DFS was given priority. However, in a daring move, Assemblyman Adam Gray filed a new bill (AB 2863) that offered a huge compromise (in the form of a $60 million subsidy) to the major opponents of online poker: the horse racing industry. This bill has the support of the California Nations Indian Gaming Association so keep your eyes on California to be the next state to legalize online poker. Pennsylvania and New York are also making moves.

PokerStars to NJ 2016But by far the biggest move was made by Amaya, owners of PokerStars, which has announced its return to the U.S. market. The official launch is slated for March 21 in New Jersey, following a thorough investigation by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. The fact is, PokerStars is the largest online poker site in the world, with the largest online tournaments and highest cash game limits. With the fully vetted, legal and extremely popular PokerStars back in the game, other states may be much more likely to get moving on their legislation. Even your state may finally join the party and you, too, will be able to sit at the online poker tables.

As always, Texas Poker Store will keep you posted!

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Texas Poker StoreBy: Pocket Bullets Paris

A couple of years ago, we were following the progress of legal online poker with great interest; it seemed like the next big thing about to bust wide open. But not much happened and interest among our readers waned. Nevertheless, we decided to take another look at the status of online gambling today.

Online Poker As many of you know, Nevada was the first state to legalize and regulate online poker in 2013, with controlling 99% of the industry. In March 2015, Nevada and Delaware entered into an interstate poker compact which benefited Delaware tremendously. New Jersey came on board at the end of 2013, There are currently two poker networks involving four sites in the state: Borgata, Party Poker,, and 888.

All eyes now are on California, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts as we look ahead in 2016.Being that it’s an election year, most pundits agree that no controversial legislation will be passed. On the other hand, some believe that with the huge popularity of DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) and sports betting in general, the outlook for iGaming — including online poker — is brighter than it’s been in a long time.

We’ll let you know whenever there’s news about online gaming – there could be a surprise or two that we haven’t even considered yet. In the meantime we are heading off to the tables for a little bit of LIVE Texas Hold’em.

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