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Let’s get back to our conversation regarding the legalization of online poker. As the states have been trying to beat each other in the race to pass some form of internet poker legislation; Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey already have their bills passed and most are betting that Nevada will be the first to go live with online gaming, only with poker, by as early as this summer.

We find it amusing that there is also a federal effort to pass a national bill, which would help with uniformity and protect against fraud. And although the states where the bettors resided as well as the state where the legal website is located would be the beneficiaries of the tax revenues, a very small percentage would go to the federal government.  But that’s not the amusing part. What’s funny is this quote from Congressman Joe Barton (R-Texas): “I think the states’ passage gives some incentive to the federal government to act.”Vinny at the Indian Poker Legends Tournament

Seriously? The dreaded, too awful-to-contemplate sequestration didn’t even provide the federal government incentive to act. I doubt many players, not even Vinny, one of our own (pictured here), would bet all their poker chips on this congress getting any meaningful legislation passed in the foreseeable future.

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To further clarify our last few blogs about legalized online poker:

  • The first state to legalize forms of online gambling (not counting the lottery etc.) was Nevada, in 2010, followed by the passage of online poker regulations in 2011.  What was exciting about the 2013 bill passed last week was that the state passed legislation making it possible for the governor to enter into agreements or compacts with other states, assuming those states have also legalized poker.
  • The second state to legalize online poker, was in fact, Delaware, in 2012. It doesn’t get a whole lot of attention because of its small population.
  • The third state, as we recently reported, was New Jersey, which passed its online poker and casino games legislation on February 26, 2013. One of the things that makes New Jersey’s bill exciting is its large population and  its close proximity to New York and Philadelphia. The other thing is the confidence of the state; they are already counting possible revenue derived from online gambling in their 2013 budget.

Poker Game at the MancaveTo be clear, we are in full support of legal online poker. It will provide an enormous revenue stream to the states that provide players the opportunity to gamble online . . . and it’s a lot of fun around midnight when you’re looking for some action. But in our minds there is still nothing like the excitement and camaraderie of live poker games. Hopefully, we can all have both.

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Custom poker chips from the Texas Poker StoreIf you were a betting man or woman, you would have been right if you went all in with your custom poker chips on New Jersey’s governor, Chris Christie, to be the next one to sign a bill legalizing internet gambling. It took the legislators three times to get it right, with Christie vetoing the bill the last time out. But the veto was actually a victory for the online gambling crowd because Christie let them know what changes had to be made in the bill in order for him to sign it. And sign it he did, making New Jersey the third state (after Nevada and Delaware) to legalize online poker.

New Jersey, with its brick and mortar casino industry already up and running like Nevada, is eager to test software and issue licenses to save the struggling casinos of Atlantic City and bring millions of dollars of revenue into the state. For now, this legislation is only for the residents of New Jersey, but like those that preceded it, the hope is that agreements will be made with other states in the near future. Playing Internet poker at home in your jammies? Yes, it’s coming to us all.

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