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Hector FunesChris FarrarEvery month the Texas Poker Store has been giving away some great prizes to our fans and customers who have thrown their bids, photos, or predictions into the mix of our diverse contests. There was Hector Funes who won our monthly “Click It To Win It” campaign, as did Tyler Miller and  Keith Hayes; Macy Soudellia, who won our predict the score for Super Bowl XLVII,  and most recently Dr. Matthew Greene who won our June Photo contest with his “Two Pairs” photo. Chris Farrar won a beautiful set of poker chips for his prediction on the outcome of the Aggies vs Razorbacks game, and Francisco Navarro was another Predict the Score winner. There were lots more winners, too.Keith HayesDr. Matthew Greene

Now the question is; Are you a winner? Do you feel lucky? Well, you can’t win if you don’t enter the race. Right now we have three separate contests going. We still have our “Photo Contest.” Even though the July winner is all but assured, there is still another month to try to win the August Best Photo contest. Every month there is the “Click It To Win It” campaign and from now through the first of November there is our “Predict the 2013 WSOP Champion”  and the Heads-up 2nd place winner. Your prediction could net you up to $200 in Texas Poker Store merchandise. Just go to “Predict the Champion” tab on our Facebook page or click here . Remember you will not win if you do not enter the race, so don’t be left behind. Do it now.

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Dr. Matthew GreeneWe mentioned back at the beginning of the month that we had our first photo contest winner, Dr. Matthew Greene.  When we congratulated Dr. Greene of Urban Optics in College Station, Texas for being the winner he was, not only delighted but also genuinely surprised that he had garnered the most votes for his photo entry, “Two Pairs”. We delivered his prize, a beautiful set of 300 11.5 Gram Striped Dice Poker Chips in an attractive Cigar Tray Mahogany Chip Case and he proudly posed for this picture holding his winnings.

It’s not too late for you to join Dr. Greene in the winners’ circle (although July is almost over and we will be announcing our July winner soon) you still have one more week left. Or you can  enter our August photo contest and jump into the winner’s circle with your kick butt poker photo. Just go to to our Facebook page and click on the Photo Contest tab or click here

While you’re there don’t forget to enter our other super-hot contest “Predict the 2013 WSOP Champion.” All you need to do is go to, look for the tab that says “Your 2013 WSOP Prediction” click it and enter to win. If you’re on your mobile device, then click here to access the contest. Just follow the directions, it’s easy and a lot of fun. See y’all in the Winners’ Circle.

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