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Texas Poker StoreQueen of Hearts ParisBy: Queen of Hearts Paris

In fact, just 1,140 entries (.0088%) of the 13+ million who entered the ESPN Tournament Challenge had the correct Final Four teams. And, the chances of anyone choosing 10th-seed Syracuse, a team that barely made it to the dance, were beyond slim, except for the die-hard Cuse fans that may have filled out a wishful thinking bracket.

Talk about an unlikely Final Four! In case you’ve been under a rock, you know by now that there is only one #1 seed, University of North Carolina, playing in the Final Four. UNC will face Syracuse, and since nothing seems impossible in this extremely mad March, the Cuse could come from behind, as they have throughout the tourney, to move on to the National Championship.

Two #2 seeds will also face off: Oklahoma and Villanova. Only 4.6% of the 13 million brackets picked both teams to make the Final Four.

Poker table from the Texas Poker StoreWe have a far better chance of winning big at the poker tables than attempting to predict who will win the National Championship, so let’s all just sit back and enjoy the dancing.

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