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Pocket Bullets ParisJim “Pocket Bullets” Paris

We been asked many time who we thought were the best WSOP poker players for a particular year. There are way too many players we have followed who are serious contenders to make our personal list. Nevertheless, we thought you would appreciate learning who has in fact made it to the top of the hill to be considered the best of the best WSOP Players over the last five years.

WSOP Player of the Year AwardSo here are the last six Players of the Year :

2013 — Daniel Negreanu roared mightily that year, winning two bracelets, making four final tables and cashing 10 times. (Negreanu also was POY in 2004.)

2014 — George Danzer outran a lot of players to earn three bracelets, hitting five final tables and cashing 10 times.

2015 — Mike Gorodinsky made it through even though he only grabbed one bracelet for the year, making three final tables and cashing out eight times.

2016 — Jason Mercier won two bracelets, playing strong enough to reach four final tables and cashing a whopping 11 times.

2017 — Chris Ferguson who has been around seemingly forever picked up just one bracelet, making four final tables and cashing an outstanding 23 times.

Shaun Deeb 2018 WSOP Player of the YearAnd that brings us to 2018 and Shaun Deeb. We have been watching Deeb for several years now, and have always appreciated his slo-roll playing style. This year he finally picked up what many consider to be the most coveted award in the world of poker. He also took with him two bracelets, cashing an outstanding 16 times, and banking $2.5 million this year, the most ever for the Player of the Year.

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Jim "Pocket Bullets" Paris


Jim “Pocket Bullets” Paris

In the four days since our last report, another 10 Events have taken place at the 47th Annual WSOP, with the winners collecting almost four million dollars of first prize money.

Mitchell TownerMitchell Towner won the ‘Monster Stack” when he ended up as the last man standing at Event #41: $1500 MONSTER Stack No-Limit Hold’em and collected a huge $1,120,196. That’s not too shabby for a $1,500 investment after playing for four days and three nights and conquering a field of 6,927 eager players.

Phillip McAllisterEvent #42: $3000 Shootout No-Limit Hold’em consisted of only 400 players and 399 of them fell short when Phillip McAllister, a young 22-year-old from the UK, walked off with the gold bracelet and a first prize check for $267,720 a nice return on his investment of $3,000 and three days of his time.

George DanzerEvent #43: $10,000 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo Split-8 or Better Championship gave George Danzer his fourth gold bracelet after taking it all away from from a final table that included eight out of ten players with prior WSOP titles and bracelets … and I’m certain he was smiling and danzing all the way to the bank to collect $338,646 for this, his latest win.

Steven WolanskySteven Wolansky pushed all his chips in from the button to take down Event #44: $1000 No-Limit Hold’em. Wolansky was holding a pair of Snowmen and was snap called by Wenlong Jin with Queen-Jack off suit. The flop showed a third Snowman with no help for Jin, then the turn sealed the deal with a fourth Snowman giving Wolansky four little Snowmen (quad eights) dancing on the table. He collected $298,849 along with his second WSOP gold bracelet.

Loren KleinEvent #45: $1500 Mixed No-Limit Hold’em/Pot-Limit Omaha Loren Klein picked up his first gold bracelet defeating a field of 919 players, each and every one of them – including Klein, had their eye on the gold, but only Klein ended up with the gold bracelet wrapped around his wrist and a sweet $241,427 in prize money.

Kristen BicknellThe first woman to win in this 2016 WSOP series, Kristen Bicknell, took down Event #46: $1500 BOUNTY No-Limit Hold’em and walked away with her second gold bracelet and a lot of dollars, in fact the biggest amount of her young poker career amounting to $290,768.


Johnny "World" Hennigan

Event #47: $10,000 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball (Limit) Championship  It’s always thrilling to win your first gold bracelet, and the thrill is never gone, even after taking down 14; just ask Phil Hellmuth. And Johnny “World” Hennigan can attest to that after winning his fourth cherished WSOP gold bracelet. Hennigan walked of with the Champion title, his fourth gold and a much appreciated $320,103 to add to his ever-growing bank account.

Ankush MandaviaEvent #48: $5,000 No-Limit Hold’em (30-minute levels) with a rather small field of only 524 entries was championed by Ankush Mandavia, receiving his first gold bracelet, a killer $548,139 and the total satisfaction of outlasting 523 players who had their eyes glued on the prize. Mandavia stated “So, it’s really gratifying to win.  It feels really good.” No kidding Ankush; it must feel really really good.

Shaun DeebNo stranger at the poker tables, Shaun Deeb, from Troy, NY, ran away with Event #49: $1500 Seven Card Stud. In a field of only 331 players, Deeb easily made off with the gold bracelet plus $111,101 bucks, marking his 35th cash at the WSOP and his third Championship title.

Safiya UmerovaEvent #50: $1500 Shootout No-Limit Hold’em  brought the second female 2016 WSOP champion, Safiya Umerova from Los Angeles, CA, when she outlasted a field of 1,050 to capture her first WSOP gold bracelet and a very satisfying $264,046. Not bad when you consider that she’s only been playing professionally for about 18 months but as she said, “I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t work hard on my game.”

So there you have it, 50 events out of 69 events completed, more than four million paid out, and that’s just to the first place winners of these ten events, and there are still 18 more events to go before the much anticipated 2016 World Series of Poker Main Event. Do any of y’all have any idea who will take the biggest and most prestigious title of Main Event Champion? If you do, click here to leave your comments and we hope to see you at the Rio Hotel and Casino to see who makes the Final Nine.


Pocket Bullets ParisBy: Pocket Bullets Paris

Thursday brought us two more bracelet winners at this year’s WSOP . No bracelets were awarded on Friday, so today should be a huge day for some while others will be hanging their heads down low because their dreams of grabbing a bracelet were shattered, at least temporarily if they’re considering entering more events.

Here is what has been happening since our last blog:

Brandon Paster27-year-old Brandon Paster defeated Marcel Vonk  to win Event #37: $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha for his first bracelet and $264,400 in prize money. Paster was overjoyed as he was heard to say  “my biggest score by a couple hundred thousand dollars.”

30-year-old George Danzer  won Event #38 – Seven CarGeorge Danzerd Stud Hi-Low Split-8 or Better – for his second Championship Bracelet of the 2014 WSOP  and another payday, this time for $352,696 – defeating John Racener, the 2010 WSOP Main Event 2nd place winner. Danzer’s first bracelet of the summer was Event #18: $10,000 Seven-Card Razz Championship and a payday of $294,792. Plus he placed fifth in Event #5: $10,000 Limit 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball for $70,308. Do the math – that boy has already taken almost three-quarters of a million bucks. What a summer.

Sometimes events go longer than expected and that is the case with Even #39 No-Limit Hold’em. With 992 entries, as of about 3:30 PST it was down to three guys fighting it out at the final table: Sean Dempsey, Ryan Jaconetti and Jacob Schindler – good luck guys.

Davide SurianoOn the other hand Event #40: $10,000 Heads Up No-Limit Hold’em was taken down by 25-year-old Davide Suriano for his first World Series of Poker gold bracelet and a $335,553 pay day. Congratulations Davide!

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Pocket Bullets ParisBy: Pocket Bullets Paris

When you believe you have what it takes to enter the  WSOP and come out a winner, you are probably wrong and should stay home and practice more. Learn as many of the games that you’ll encounter at the WSOP and learn them well. Learn to play No-Limit Hold’em as well as Pot-limit Hold’em. Study how Seven Card Razz is played, maybe hone your skills in Omaha Hi-Lo.  Choose whichever game you decide might provide you with better than average chances at besting hundreds, if not thousands, of other players. Remember, they’re all thinking the exact same thing you are. Plus, don’t forget about the pros who are likely to infiltrate your event. Choose your game well, then pick an event featuring the game that also fits your budget, be prepared for the worst and don’t cry when you lose. If you are one of those hopefuls who thinks that you’ll enter a satellite event by any means you can, including using your rent money, borrowing from your friends, neighbors or family and that this will be your ticket into the WSOP, you should probably stay home, pay your rent and get a real job.

Maybe you think of yourself as some sort of poker genius and somehow manage to convince a few fool-hardy suckers to “sponsor” you. Because they don’t know any better, we would, of course, wish you the best of luck, for their sake. We’ve known a few guys like this, and they’re all the same. They’ll frequent your local games, boast about their capabilities, whoop and holler when they win a pot from you. They’ll call you a fool or worse for betting against them, then follow their rants with something like “I knew what you had, fool.”  But when they lose, they always come up with some lame excuse like “I knew what you had … I’m just setting a trap.” Win or lose, these guys always boast about how good they are and then try to get you to sponsor them. If you run into this type of player and they ask you to sponsor them, just laugh and say sure thing, maybe next year.

At this year’s World Series of Poker there have already been 17 Gold Bracelets won and more than $36 million distributed to the winners who made the cut. None of the self-titled poker geniuses described above has made it into the winners circle. If you’re a serious contender and not a loud-mouth bragging amateur, then we wish you the best of luck in building your chip stack.

45th Annual Worls Series of Poker Gold BraceletsHere are your latest bracelet winners and their earnings from the 45th Annual World Series of Poker: Alex Bolotin $259,211, Jonathan Dimmig $1,319,587, Jeff Smith $323,125, Brock Parker $443,407, Justin Bonomo $449,980, Gregory Kolo $169,225, Nick Kost $283,275, Davidi Kitai $508,640, Todd Bui $124,510, Dan Heimiller $627,462, and George Danzer $294,792. Congratulations”

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