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We still get a lot of questions as to whether or not playing poker online, for money, is legal. Well, up until earlier today I would have said it isn’t. But Nevada may have just changed the rules, with other states hoping to follow suit.

Nevada just passed what is being called an “historic” bill making it legal to play online poker within the state and with other players across the country. The bill was passed unanimously in both the Assembly and Senate on Thursday before it was signed into law by Governor Brian Sandoval.

Of course, right now it is only legal in Nevada, but players from across the country will be able to play legally once Nevada can make agreements with individual states.

TPSchipsThe federal Department of Justice has previously cracked down on sites that let people illegally gamble across states, but Sandoval said he was confident Nevada was on firm legal footing.

So, Nevada has to convince other states to partner with it, but officials are reportedly confident that this will not be hard to do.

What are your thoughts about this new legislation? Do you think your state is ready to make an agreement with Nevada? Personally, I would say get your game face on, save up your dollars to buy lots of poker chips and get ready to go all in!

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