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Lynn "Queen of Hearts" ParisLynn “Queen of Hearts” Paris

the Global Poker LeagueI used to write extensively (as in 30 blogs) about the Global Poker League (GPL). It was something new and exciting, and watching its Inaugural (and only) Season is what turned me into a poker fan. I often praised the vision of the GPL’s innovative founder, Alex Dreyfus, who came up with the whole poker “team” concept, with team managers and a “Draft” just like in the big leagues. I bought into what I considered my poker “home” team: the LA Sunset, and rooted for them with almost as much passion as I had once felt for the NY Yankees. For a solid nine months, poker had been “sportified” and I was a self-proclaimed fan-girl.

I checked back in my archives and realized that the last time I wrote about the GPL was in December of 2017, almost a year ago. In it, I was speculating about what had happened to the promised and much anticipated Season Two. I still don’t know any more than I did back then and trust me – I have Googled it to death. For a brief moment, I thought I had struck gold this time when I clicked on “Global Poker League Second Season Waits While Expansion Occurs in China, Other Areas” but it turned out to be an article in Poker News Daily, written by Earl Burton on March 19th, 2017. I had covered the same information in my last blog. In another March 2017 post Americas Card Roomfrom Americas Cardroom, author Bob Garcia wrote a blog on the same topic, and ended with the statement: Fans of the season one show are reportedly expecting a date for the series to return.

Yes, Bob! You were right!! I’m not sure now whether or not your original intention was to be facetious, but in retrospect it sounds more and more likely that the joke is on us –the GPL’s once-devoted and highly disappointed fans.  I, for one, feel kind of foolish for devoting so much time and energy trying to win over fans to the Global Poker League; I guess I never expected it to be a one-hit wonder. Oh well, I’m on my way to put down my buy-in, get some poker chips and hit the tables.

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Lynn "Queen of Hearts" ParisLynn “Queen of Hearts” Paris

I’ve been following the 2018 WSOP Event #53: $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo or Better  for the last four hours. The reason is simple; I love having someone or something to root for. That’s why I took such a liking to The Global Poker League; I rooted for my team, the LA Sunset, and in the process of writing more than 30 blogs about the GPL, I became a poker fan. Unfortunately, Alex Dreyfus and the GPL ultimately let me down by reneging on their promise of a Season Two, but that’s another story.

Daniel Negreanu with Jim ParisAnyway, I’ve been a Daniel (Kid Poker, D-Negs) Negreanu fan ever since he so graciously posed with my husband, Jim “Pocket Bullets” Paris at the 2016 WSOP, I’ve felt a personal connection to him. The film, “Kid Poker” was fantastic and totally solidified my admiration for him. So, during the WSOP I always try to keep tabs on how he’s doing, and I faithfully follow his VLOG, which is an entertaining and transparent look into his lifestyle, mindset and personality.

When I began to write this blog, I wasn’t very happy. “Kid Poker” was still in the mix (one of the final 10 players out of 935 entries) but just barely; he was short-stacked at 19,000 with the next lowest chip count at 380,000! It was not looking good for my favorite poker player. But then things began to turn around for D-Negs. He doubled his stack to 35,000 very quickly and then continued to double until he reached 236,000.  A few minutes ago, Nathan Gamble was eliminated in 10th place, leaving nine players to fight it out. Negreanu still has the lowest chip count at 277,000, but as we all know, anything can happen at the poker tables, especially if you’re “Kid Poker.” With the players on a break, I’m going to post this blog and hope for the best. Get ready for this final table showdown, we will be screaming for Kid Poker.

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Lynn "Queen of Hearts" ParisLynn “Queen of Hearts” Paris

I am a very loyal fan. I still root for the New York Yankees and Giants, despite not living in NY since 1988. Which is why I am so disappointed, Alexandre Dreyfus, about the absence of a Season Two for the Global Poker League.  The GPL is what turned me into a poker fan. I wrote more than 30 blogs extolling its virtues during its inaugural season; there were times I felt like an (unpaid) marketing director!

Chengdu Pandas GPLI understand that you and Mediarex Enterprises have been incredibly busy, coming up with your new tagline: Compete Globally, Play Locally, while forging strategic relationships in China and India. What’s more, GPL China had an extremely successful six-month season, as teams from 12 cities competed in regional leagues. The winning teams from each city became the championship franchise, and ultimately, the Chengdu Pandas defeated the Hong Kong Treasure Ships to win the first season of GPL China.

Meanwhile, there are six teams that now constitute GPL India, including the Chennai Sharks, Kolkata Creators and Nipun Java, with each team manager already named and Season I poised to launch.  And, based on the tremendous success of the GPL’s first season in Brazil, which fielded its own team, the Sao Paulo Mets, GPL Brazil is already becoming a “thing.”

All very well and good, but still no GPL Season Two (as promised) in the U.S. What happened to my favorite team, the LA Sunset, with poker superstars Fedor Holz, Olivier Busquet and manager, Maria Ho? What happened to the two-year contracts all the brave pioneers of the original GPL signed?

Custom Rockwell Poker TableIf you go to the GPL website like I did, you get a hint of something along the lines of a World Championship coming, with winners of each regional league competing against powerhouse teams from around the world. But there was a link on one page that said Season I has ended. Go on to Season II. I tried, but the link didn’t go anywhere. I hope that isn’t the fate of the original GPL that got me hooked on poker and even get my own poker table!

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Lynn "Queen of Hearts" ParisLynn “Queen of Hearts” Paris

As some of you already know, I am an amateur when it comes to poker. Although my husband and I own the Texas Poker Store, an online poker supplies site, I had a full-time job until last year and he pretty much ran the business on his own for close to five years. He also wrote the blogs, often running them by me for some (badly needed) editing. Naturally, I picked up a bit of poker knowledge from doing that, but not much.

Jim "Pocket Bullets" ParisNot only that, but I never particularly enjoyed watching poker being played, live or online. My husband is the poker enthusiast, which is one of the reasons we created the Texas Poker Store in the first place. He’s the one who plays in a friendly poker game once a week and online most nights. He’s the one who has gone to Vegas to cover the WSOP Final Nine each year and he has the photos and poker stories to prove it.

When I retired a little over a year ago, I put my toe in the water and agreed to write a few blogs. It seemed only fair considering that I’m the one who was a communications coordinator at Texas A&M for eight years. Of course, I looked for topics I understood (like March Madness, Texas A&M football — anything to do with sports) and used the blog primarily as a marketing tool to attract visitors to our site.

And then I discovered the Global Poker League.

I was fascinated by the idea that there was something new in the poker world that nobody else really knew about. I could become an expert in a topic that was actually about poker. Sports fan that I am, I bought into Alex Dreyfus’ innovative vision to “sportify” poker by incorporating team competition, along with good digital content and enough entertainment value to provide a new kind of “fan experience.” I considered myself a new kind of fan, so it suited me perfectly. Besides, Dreyfus absolutely needed ambassadors to help him make poker more mainstream, and I decided that I was the perfect person to be that ambassador for our site.

My first blog about the new league was titled “What is the Global Poker League (GPL) and Why Haven’t You Heard of It? I admit it; I loved knowing something about poker that our followers didn’t know about, and I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to introduce this exciting new concept to our readers.

I wrote approximately 30 blogs while following the inaugural year of the GPL. I was both a fierce promoter and a fairly accurate predictor of the problems the league might encounter, and I never hesitated to offer Alex Dreyfus my constructive criticism. (Although he follows me on Twitter, victory enough for my first year, I doubt he ever actually took any of my advice).

The important thing is, in the process I got hooked on poker.  I watch it with my husband on late night TV and I understand what’s going on. When he comes home from his weekly poker game and starts describing his bad beats, or how he drew the gut shot straight on the river or how he bluffed and won with a pair of 3s, I sit in rapt attention instead of yawning.

But I’m still an amateur, a newbie, a vital part of the audience the GPL hoped to attract. Nevertheless, as an amateur, I thought it would be fun to continue writing this blog in my authentic newbie voice, bringing up poker terms I still don’t get, or discussing poker strategies that I, and maybe even some of you, might not totally grasp. If you’re a new-generation poker fan, we can learn together. If you’re an old-time player, you can make comments and add your wisdom to the conversation. Or make fun of me; it’s okay. Either way, I can continue blogging without acting as if I know more than I do. Hopefully, you’ll continue to follow me, and every once in a while, decide to purchase something at the Texas Poker Store.

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