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‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the poker community

Not a player was raising, not even Phil Ivey;

The chips were all stacked on the table with care

In hopes that the flop would show what to bet there;

When all of the sudden arose such a clatter;

Hellmuth was yelling , whats’ the matter

he called all the players by name;

and everyone answered to get in on the game.

Now, Antonio! now, Seidel! now, Merson! now, Hachem!



Come on Negreanu! come on Trickett! Cada and Hansen!


We’re all waiting for you so the game can begin;

So grab your seats and splash your poker chips in.

With a wink of his eye and a nod of his head;

I knew at that moment I had nothing to dread;

So I splashed  my poker chips and declared all in,

and watched the Brat stare me down with a grin!

But I raked the pot in as I smiled at the sight

and said; “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!”

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So, by now you read or heard about, or maybe even watched the “Lederer Files” we wrote about last Tuesday. Have you given any thought as to what will happen after the smoke clears and Full Tilt Poker comes back? We know one thing is certain. When it re-opens, people in the U.S. won’t be able to play for real money.

We also know that after PokerStars bought the assets of FTP in July, they signed up Gus Hanson to come back to FTP and become its new Brand Ambassador when it re-launches on November 6, 2012. So the question is…what will you do? Will you go back in and play… for the love of the game? Will you be able to handle it  when you amass a giant stack of poker chips and can’t cash out?

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In this, the last in the series of the Great Dane’s poker lessons, we start of with a recap about trapping before we hear about the biggest lesson of all, especially for when you’re playing no-limit hold ’em, which is gaining information. Hansen talks a lot about being aggressive, because that’s how you can best find out what your opponents are holding. Force others to react to you rather than being the one who has to react to others, is his advice. Also, try to change your approach often, as Hansen does, so no one can predict what you’re going to do. Mix it up; you never want your opponents to be able to say, “that’s what he always does.”

Hansen is not always easy to listen to, but he makes some terrific points about poker playing, and he definitely knows what he’s talking about.

Hope these lessons have helped you improve your game. We also suggest you pick up some books, especially any texas hold em poker book from the Texas Poker Store. Our playing has improved a thousand percent since watching these videos and reading these books; yours will too.

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This is the 7th segment of the Great Dane’s video poker lessons and he starts off by directing our attention to “trapping.” If you flop the nuts and you know you can’t be beat, then you should bet out as you have before. Then, check on the turn and make your opponents try to take the pot. You’ll end up winning bigger pots, but don’t try trapping too many times; keep it to a minimum and you’ll trap successfully more often.

We also learn about how “The Big Tell” can often be just another trap as well as how to play aggressively when you know and can calculate the math of the game (meaning the odds of you or your opponents hitting the right cards on the flop, the turn or the river.)

Worth playing these video lessons over and over until you’ve got them down. You can also pick up some poker books and poker DVDs from the Texas Poker Store to learn how to play like the pros . . . like the Great Dane – Gus Hansen.

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