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Lynn "Queen of Hearts" ParisLynn “Queen of Hearts” Paris

Although she hasn’t really been a professional poker player since 2011, Annie Duke’s name recognition is way up there. Her poker resume includes a World Series Of Poker gold bracelet in 2004, winning the NBC National Heads-Up Championship in 2010 and a net worth of around $8 million. In fact, she was once the leading money winner among women in WSOP history (that title now belongs to Vanessa Selbst)

Annie Duke Poker ProNevertheless, her image hasn’t always been bright and shiny; she’s the sister of Howard Lederer, a player virtually exiled from poker. Her main sponsor, Ultimate Bet, was wiped out after being embroiled in a scandal in 2013, compelling her to distance herself from the brand as well as from high profile poker tournaments. Oh yes, and in 2009 she was a contestant on a little game show called “Celebrity Apprentice” where she raised over $700,000 for her charity, Refugees International, finishing second to Joan Rivers.

Nevertheless, Duke, (who double majored in English and psychology at Columbia University, leaving a month short of completing her doctorate) parlayed her poker career, scholarship and reputation as an expert in the field of smart decision making into a new career as a corporate speaker and “Decision Strategist.” In fact, Forbes, GQ and Entrepreneur have all done specials on her, and currently she’s back in the news.

Duke is teaming up with money management firm Hartford Funds. The firm is using her experience as a professional poker player to prevent financial advisors and investors from imploding, emotionally, when the going gets tough.

She has also been featured on the Hartford Funds Podcast “Human-centric Investing Podcast” and will host an exclusive webinar on Tuesday, September 10 at 16:00 (ET), called “Decision-making tips from a poker pro.

When all is said and done, we are still waiting for her to make an appearance at the poker tables and regain her reputation as one of the leading women in poker.

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This week we wrote about the issues with Full Tilt Poker and Howard Lederer and the rest of the FTP group and their problems with the Feds and last year’s resulting Black Friday. We wrote about the light at the end of the tunnel coming from the purchase of FTP’s assets by PokerStars and their subsequent settlement and we will continue to monitor these events.

But not today, because it is Aggie football time and we are pumped up to cheer for our Texas A&M Aggies  on their first SEC away game in Oxford, Mississippi against Ole Miss. Two up tempo offenses, but our money is definitely on the Ags to BTHO Ole Miss.

So y’all need to put your poker chips away tonight, cause it’s time for SEC Football and our beloved Aggies.

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Howard Lederer was at one time a director of Full Tilt Poker. That company got slammed by the Feds and accused of running a Ponzi Scheme that paid out $444 million of customer money to themselves and the firm’s owners.

You may also know that Lederer provided PokerNews with an extensive, seven-hour interview, in which he responded to questions regarding Full Tilt Poker, the board, the investors, Ray Bitar, Chris Ferguson, Phil Ivey, Black Friday and a whole lot more. Following the release of the now famous Lederer Files, Howard Lederer promised Diamond Flush an exclusive interview, so Diamond Flush reserved all comments on the veracity of the Lederer Files, waiting to set the record straight during the promised interview. That interview never happened, however, because Lederer backed out at the last minute, saying that it would cause too much stress for him and his family. Diamond Flush has now responded with the promise of a lot more stress to come. It will certainly be fascinating to follow the series that Diamond Flush has just begun writing, wherein DF promises to reveal the inconsistencies and distortions in the previous versions and to expose the “true”story behind Lederer and Full Tilt Poker.

What do you think about all this? Where you left hanging after Black Friday? How does all this effect your play at the poker tables?

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Pretty much every major player on “High Stakes Poker”, or for that matter on almost every major poker tournament in the big world of poker knows who Tom “Durrrr” Dwan is and has probably been Durrrred by him at one time or another.

In the video below Tom strikes again and this time, even though everyone at the table is claiming that they have been “Durrrred,” it is Howard Lederer, holding ace-king of diamonds, who ends up falling for it. He stays in the hand only to end up with Tom pairing up on the turn with 8s giving him the winning hand. They both check the turn and the river and all you need to do to understand what being “Durrrred” means is to take a look at Lederer’s expression when Tom reveals his hole cards: the 8 of diamonds and 6 of hearts.

Have you ever been “Durrrred” at any of your games? Write and tell us about it and we’ll post your stories here. I know I’ve been Durred many times and lost a whole lot lot of poker chips that way.

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