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Lynn "Queen of Hearts" ParisLynn “Queen of Hearts” Paris

In what he says will be his FINAL tournament appearance, poker legend Doyle Brunson – aka Texas Dolly – returned to the World Series of Poker on Day 14 to play in Event #23:  $10,000 No-Limit 2-7 Lowball Draw Championship. After an amazing 62-year career as a professional poker player, no doubt his millions of fans were hoping for an 11th bracelet.

James Alexander and Doyle BrunsonIronically, it was another Texas poker player, our friend James Alexander, who dashed that hope. With seven players left, Brunson drew to an eight-six against the ten-nine draw of Alexander. The icon was outdrawn for the final time at the Rio when he pulled a king and Alexander made his hand with a deuce. (Brunson finished 6th for $43,963 and Alexander finished 4th for $81, 986). Alexander paid his respects with a Fist Bump and stated “It was my great honor to play with Texas Dolly, Doyle Brunson, Poker’s truest legend and an absolute joy to play with.”

$10K No Limit 2-7 Lowball Draw | 2018 WSOP | PokerGO

A tip of his cap and a standing ovation for Doyle Brunson. Living legend ends WSOP career with a final table run in the $10K NL 2-7 Lowball Championship.

Posted by PokerGO on Tuesday, June 12, 2018

James Alexander with Jim ParisMy husband, Jim Paris, met professional poker player James Alexander, along with his poker player brother, Duane and his lovely mother, Tina, about six years ago when attending the 44th WSOP in Vegas. Alexander finished in 19th place in the Main Event (cashing out at $285,408) Jim cheered him on from the rails and they’ve been friends ever since.

Of course, if it weren’t for the irony of that final match-up, this would simply be a blog to pay our respects to Doyle Brunson. Considered the “Godfather of Poker,” the almost 85-year-old can still compete in high-level games at the poker tables with the best poker players in the world, all of whom hold him in the highest regard.

But it’s time, he says. “My wife is not in very good health, and I will stay with her for the duration of either her life or mine.” Brunson and his beloved wife, Louise, have been married for 62 years.

Doyle "Texas Dolly" BrunsonIn 2013, Brunson–recognizing the inevitable end of his career–paraphrased Dr. Suess, saying “You don’t cry because it’s over. You smile because it happened.”When he says his final good-bye to poker, Brunson will be leaving the game that brought him fame, fortune and a legacy that no one in the poker world will ever match, or ever forget.

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Vinny The GrinderBy The Grinder

Continuing with interesting word play related to poker, I’m sure you have all heard of anagrams. It’s simple. You take a word or a sentence, rearrange the letters, and form new words or sentences. You’ll be fascinated to know that many of the new word/words mean something similar—and this is particularly true with names. The best possible solutions to name anagrams reveal an eerily close-to perfect depiction of the  person. Again, the mind might choose to see what it wants, nevertheless, this is one of nature’s inexplicable gimmicks. Let’s start with our own Texas Poker Store family members, and continue with celebrity poker professionals. I thoroughly enjoyed this exercise, and I hope you do too!

Name Anagram
Jim Paris I Rip Jams How true! Our Chief Dealer, who previously produced the great Buddy Miles, loves Rock ‘N Roll jams.
Paul Marvin Rival Up Man I agree. Paul’s a good Heads Up player. I wouldn’t want to rival up with him heads up.
Vineet Bailur Brave Inutile Bingo! Brave in poker, inutile in everything else.
Phil Hellmuth Huh? The Limp II I’ll take it. He is a tight player. No wonder he won so many tournaments. A master of pot control.
Daniel Negreanu Genuine Adrenal Unreal! Daniel walks the walk, and talks the talk too. Anyone who knows The Kid, knows that he is full of adrenalin.
Doyle Brunson Busy Londoner Age is no barrier for this poker maestro, who is still busy traveling the world playing poker.
Antonio Esfandiari If Insane Adoration If you watch High Stakes Poker, then you know The Magician is constantly thankful and appreciative of all poker players at his table.
Phil Laak Alpha Ilk A prototype among the best.
Tom Dwan Mad Town Indeed! Hyper aggressive is an understatement.
Stu Ungar Guru Ants A Guru of poker with the stature of a thin, frail, little ant who always ended up with the biggest stack of poker chips.
Vanessa Selbst Vast ‘n’ Baseless Absolutely. Her style is relentless and aggressive.

Good luck at the tables!

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Confessions of a Grinder Vinny the VenetianrinderConfessions of a Grinder

Willie BasseWillie Basse is the founder of the legendary rock/metal band ‘Black Sheep’, and a dear friend to Jim Paris, Chief Dealer of the Texas Poker Store. As a music lover, I could recite his entire biography, but as a poker player, I’d rather just express my homage to a fighter who fights for his cause. In ‘Rock’ N Roll, just as in poker, we all fight for recognition and respect. We know the Bon Jovis, the AXL Roses, and the Nikki Sixes of the rock world, and well we should, because they are truly great performers. However, we surely ought to know those who make these artists who they are, like Willie Basse. Willie has earned my respect for his success as a producer, entrepreneur, showman, and an ambassador of the most celebrated era in music. To me, he’s a high priest of the Mecca of Metal—Sunset Strip.

Ace of Spades vs set of DeucesIn a way, he symbolizes what we all are, as poker players—Black Sheep, fighting against the herd, trying to be recognized and respected as professionals. Like the Ace of Spades in a deck of playing cards, shining bright and looking good, fighting to keep it alive against a set of deuces, Willie keeps them coming with Black Sheep—the Hair Metal Represent! Today is his birthday, and we wish him a long and healthy life, and many more decades of continued success. Happy Birthday Willie!

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Jim Paris at the rails at the 2013 WSOPAfter returning from an exciting four days at the 44th annual World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, the Chief Dealer at the Texas Poker Store, namely me, would like to announce a new contest to predict the winner of the 2013 WSOP November Nine.

We are ready to add some sweetening to the pot for our faithful fans and customers.

Last month, we announced a summer discount on every product in stock, and to celebrate the 44th annual World Series of Poker, an additional 10% discount on any of our folding poker tables  in stock to the first nine poker players who claimed their poker table before this year’s final nine WSOP players were confirmed.

The November Nine have been confirmed, so it’s time to up the ante. Because y’all have responded well to our discounted prices, we want to engage you in a contest to predict the winner of the epic poker battle that will take place on November 5 and 6 at the Final Table at the Rio Hotel and Casino. So this is your chance; we’re asking you to predict the winner and the first correct prediction will win $100 in Texas Poker Store merchandise. In addition, the first person who correctly predicts the winner and the runner-up (second place winner), will win a total of $200 worth of poker-related supplies from our online store.

The contest is posted on our Facebook page. All you need to do is go to, look for the tab that says “Your 2013 WSOP Prediction” click it and enter to win. If you’re on your mobile device, then click here to access the contest.

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