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Pocket Bullets ParisJim “Pocket Bullets” Paris

Whether they are playing the part of a poker player on the big or little screen, or whether they are playing in a real poker game, these are some of our favorite film and TV actors who truly love the game of poker almost as much as we do.

You can see their love and joy at poker tables around the world, as Kevin Hart was heard saying “I love to live, love and laugh. I want to bring this energy to the game of poker. And when I do this, poker will be elevated.” And Aaron Paul stated “I’m obsessed with gambling, winning and losing money! What’s so great about poker is that you can play it for your entire life. You can play against a pro and sometimes win. It’s unlike any other sport. And I think it is sort of like a sport.”

We could go on and on about the love celebrities have for the game but that would fill an entire book … maybe we’ll write that poker book in the future but for now here are just a few of our favorite celebrity poker players:

Kevin HartKevin Hart has only pocketed about 50 Grand playing poker but his love of the game keeps him going whether it is win, lose, or draw I think we will be seeing him making the rounds of poker rooms everywhere for a while.


Aaron PaulAaron Paul made his debut in the Global Poker League’s revolutionary Cube, as he played for his L.A. Sunset team versus Fabrice Soulier of the Paris Aviators. We loved him in his part as Jesse in “Breaking Bad,” as the cult leader in “The Path” and now follow him through his poker adventures.


Matt DamonMatt Damon has been around poker for quite a while and he sure knows how to play, perhaps he picked up more than we suspected in his role as the genius reformed gambler in the poker classic, “Rounders.”


Ben AffleckBen Affleck has stated that it was what he learned from his poker coaches, Annie Duke and Amir Vahedi that hooked him in. He won the $10,000 California State Poker Championship tournament at the Commerce Casino in 2004 for a first prize of $356,000.


Jennifer TillyJennifer Tilly won the 2005 World Series of Poker Ladies Only Event and took home the much coveted Gold WSOP Bracelet, forever placing her name in our Poker List of top players. She has now earned better than $800,000 and is still going strong.

James WoodsJames Woods has been one of my all time favorite actors and he’s not that bad of a poker player. He’s been playing for quite a while and has picked up more than $300,000 in poker winnings.


Texas Poker Store Poker Chips

We will continue this list in our next blog posting in a few days. Right now we have to rush out to one of our local home games and we promised to contribute a case of our Texas Poker Store Poker Chips.

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Lynn "Queen of Hearts" ParisLynn “Queen of Hearts” Paris

Do you enjoy a good bracket challenge? The Global Poker League has a simple challenge for their upcoming Playoffs and Championship to be played live on November 29th, 30th and December 1st in Vegas. And, just to rev up our followers, we at the Texas Poker Store have an additional challenge for you.

Global Poker League PlayoffsThe rules are easy. Go to in order to register your account and log in. Then scroll down to the bracket and fill in your predictions by clicking on the logos of the teams you think will win.

But before you do, here’s a suggestion. Unless you followed the GPL season closely, you may not have a favorite team (mine is the L.A. Sunset) or remember which well-known poker star plays on which team or which teams have the best heads-up players. In that case, you should probably spend some time on the GPL website before you fill in your bracket. Even if you were an avid fan, it has been a while since the last heads-up matches were played and I know I’m taking a brief refresher course before I make my predictions.

You can do the same. Take a look at the members of the top four teams in the Americas and Eurasian Conference. The site lists complete statistics on every poker player, including how many HU matches they played during the season, how many games they won and lost and how many points were scored. You can also watch video highlights of their heads-up matches. Now, put yourself in the position of the Team Managers as they try to determine their three best heads-up players to represent their team in the Playoffs, along with the order in which they will play. (All three must play). There will most likely be a lot of strategic thinking going on, based on the amount of team pride displayed all season by every manager. They would all love to cap off their years as the Season 1 Champions, and they would all like to win the $100,000 Grand Prize.

Once you’ve done your homework, click on the logos of the teams you’ve chosen. When your bracket is complete, SHARE your predictions on Facebook and/or Twitter before the first match gets underway on November 29th. You MUST use the hashtag #GPLFinals  if you want to qualify to win a prize. If you filled out a perfect bracket, you may be the winner of a prize basket filled with goodies from your favorite team – hoodies, jerseys, tee-shirts and more, as well as a live mention on the GPL’s wrap-up broadcast at the Finals.Set of ESPN Poker Club Copag cards

We have some additional incentive just for you. Once you have filled out and submitted your bracket to the GPL, you can also post the names of the two teams you predicted will face off in the Finals and the name of the team you predict will win the 1st Global Poker League Championship on The Texas Poker Store Facebook page as well, before the cards are in the air for the first match on November 29th. As soon as the Champion is declared, and the perfect bracket is revealed on December 1, the first six of you to have posted the accurate teams on our page will win a set of ESPN® Poker Club 100% Plastic COPAG Playing Cards.

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Texas Poker StoreJim "Pocket Bullets" ParisJim “Pocket Bullets” Paris

As I stated on my last report a few days ago;  the 47th Annual World Series of Poker (WSOP) is well on its way at the world renowned Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas and we promised to keep you in the know. So here, quickly, is what is happening as of now.Christopher Sands

Event #1: $565 Casino Employees No-Limit Hold’em was taken by Christopher Sands who walked away with the first gold bracelet of 2016, and a sweet $75,157 after defeating 730 other hopeful entrants.

Event #2: $565 Colossus II No-Limit Hold’em is still being battled and it’s down to the final table with just 9 players left out of a record 21,613 dreamers who entered.Robert Mizrachi

Event #3: $10,000 Seven Card Stud Championship was championed by a familiar player, Robert Mizrachi, taking home his fourth WSOP gold bracelet and $242,662 in prize money.

Kyle JuliusEvent #4: $1000 Top Up Turbo No-Limit Hold’em  belongs to Kyle Julius. Kyle walked away with a fat check for $142,972 and his first WSOP gold bracelet after defeating a field of 667 entrants.

Event #5: $1500 Dealers Choice 6-Handed still being played with Lawrence Berg leading the field of 389.

Event #6: $1500 No-Limit Hold’em is on day 2 and moving along at super speed with only 321 players out of a field of 2,016.

Event #7: $1500 2-7 Draw Lowball (No-Limit) is being battled on its first day with 52 remaining out of 279.

Maria HoEvent #8: $1500 H. O. R. S. E. has some well known faces like Maria Ho, the super hot celebrity spokesperson for the WinStar World Casino and current Manager of the L.A. Sunset team in the Global Poker League  (the same league that my partner, Lynn ‘Queen of Hearts” Paris, is currently keeping you all well informed about) and Arash Ghaneian, who won this event last year and took home his first gold bracelet.

Event #9: $10,000 Heads Up No-Limit Hold’em Championship still to be determined.

That is all there is for now, but as always, we will bring all results to you as soon as our eyes and ears at the Rio report to us. In the meantime, good luck at the tables and hope to see ya’ at the Rio.

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Texas Poker StoreLynn Queen of Hearts ParisLynn “Queen of Hearts” Paris

I had no idea how much of an impact blogging about the Global Poker League would have on me, beyond simply enjoying watching the GPL matches. I quickly bought into the new league created by GPL founder, Alexander Dreyfus, including the competitive “team” play, or “sportifying” poker concept (starting with the Inaugural Draft) the use of web cams, getting to know the personalities and strategies of world-class poker players, the informative but also highly engaging commentators and hosts.

I knew right away which teams I’d root for; the two teams representing the cities where I’d spent most of my life – The New York Rounders and the L.A. Sunset. And I got excited as my two teams continued moving up in the standings of the Americas Conference through the first online phase of the GPL. I’m ready, and more than a little excited, to watch the first of the 48 Heads-Up Cross-Conference Live Summer Season matches tonight, June 6, as the GPL begins Heat I, Match 81 in the studio in Las Vegas.Fabrice SoulierAaron Paul

And of course, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m especially eager to see the debut of talented actor and team wildcard, Aaron Paul, who will be playing for the L.A. Sunset. He is scheduled to go heads-up against the team manager of the Paris Aviators, Fabrice Soulier, at 8 P.M. Eastern time. Most poker fans and players would undoubtedly say that Paul was over-matched, but we all know anything can happen in poker.

I’ve mentioned in prior blogs my concerns about the production values of this live, in-studio phase after the GPL got off to such a high-quality, professional start. I’ve also talked about my biggest concern, which comes later when the GPL takes its Playoffs (the top four teams from each conference) to TwitchCon San Diego, where it will compete for the attention of video gamers, a brand new demographic with millions of worldwide fans. There is plenty of time to delve into those concerns later.

For now, I want to get back to the amazing impact the GPL has had on me. Not only has it expanded my general knowledge about poker, but it has also brought me a whole new group of followers and fans; “poker people” have begun to follow me on Twitter. On a more personal note, a few people mentioned to my husband how much they were enjoying my blog about the GPL, which they were learning about through me. Some even thanked him for the great content. A few referenced seeing “member of the GPL” next to a particular player’s name at the SHR Bowl and/or the WSOP and now knowing what that meant!Fedor Holtz

On an even more personal note, I can’t believe the difference between me this year and me at the same time a year ago. My husband has always watched WPT action and tournaments like the SHR and World Series of Poker on TV, usually after I fell asleep. (In addition to his attending the WSOP every year as they draw close to the Final Nine) Now, I stay up with him. Not only do I recognize many of the players, but I actually feel like I know many of them personally. When I saw that the Super High Roller Bowl included Fedor Holz, Brynn Kenney, Jason Mercier and three other GPL team members, I was immediately drawn in: I KNOW these guys! I watched all the coverage of the Final Table, and was happy that Fedor finished second.

It’s not just that I’ve come to recognize so many live and online, national and international poker players (besides the always recognizable Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth) but I can actually follow the action. I understand what each player is doing based on his or her hole cards; I know if they’re bluffing or limping or value betting and it suddenly makes poker exciting to watch.

Kid Poker - The MovieEven within the context of a movie or TV show, if the characters are playing poker, I “get it” on a whole different level now. We watched “Kid Poker” the other night on Netflix and found it extremely entertaining. I’m sure I would have enjoyed it last year simply because Negreanu has a great rags-to-riches story and he’s so cute and charismatic, but this year I was mesmerized because I “got it.” After eight weeks of watching GPL matches and hearing them analyzed, I could fully appreciate the Kid’s ability to read players, figure out what was in another player’s hand and bet accordingly . . .  and it was truly mind-blowing.

The GPL has already had a major impact on me; now I’m anxious to see if it can catch on big within the next few years.

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