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Pocket Bullets Paris

Jim “Pocket Bullets” Paris 

First things first;  the perfect man cave to you may not be perfect to others. We’re going to make our suggestions based on what would be some cool stuff to put into a poker-themed man cave. The following suggestions are based on our experiences playing poker at way too many places from California to New York.

The man caves we have had the privilege of being invited to range from tiny rooms to large open spaces that could fit several poker tables as well as maybe a craps table, a pool table, and even a full bar. 

First and foremost for any poker-themed room would, of course, be the perfect table, and that would obviously depend on your budget. So, we’ll begin today with some ideas for a medium- budget room:

Lumen Poker TableThe Lumen Poker Table, priced at just under $2400 (including shipping), is a kidney-bean shaped table with 11 positions (10 players + a dealer). It has integrated LED lighting, cup holders, Napa pedestal legs, and can be fully customized with your own graphics, USB Ports, Dealer chip trays, and lots more. Great table perfect for that medium-end budget.

Desert Heat 1000 count chip set

Then, of course, you’ll need some poker chips. The perfect set for this set-up,  the 1000 count Claysmith “Desert Heat” chip set in an aluminum case, comes in at just slightly more than $200.00, and it even includes a dealer button and three decks of cards.

You can then decorate your room, again depending on your budget, with a large screen TV, maybe a few poker signs, a cool sound system to play your favorite tunes, a bar with a mini fridge, and you’re ready to host some friendly poker games.

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Pocket Bullets ParisBy: Pocket Bullets Paris

We’ve had some fun with our series on the perfect poker-themed Man Cave for your budget, and have so far shared some suggestions for furnishing man caves for high-end and medium-size budgets. But hey, not all of us can afford that much luxury, at least not yet, so until we win the lottery, make our way to some final tables at the WSOP, or find a bucket full of cash somewhere, we’ll just have to be a little thrifty with our man caves. But not to worry; we’ve got you covered.

The following are some suggestions for any of you who may be temporarily financially challenged. Check it out:

Ultimate Poker TableThe Ultimate Poker Table is most deserving of its name for anybody on a budget. It’s a beautiful 10-player positions table with 3″ stainless steel cup holders. Unlike your lesser grade folding leg tables, this folding leg table features a  steel welded frame that will support up to 200 lbs. So even if some of your players get a little out of hand, go on tilt and bounce off the table, it will take most, if not all of their abuse. And if someone gets careless and spills a drink, you have nothing to worry about. The surface is completely removable, so you can easily resurface and upgrade the felt. All that, and it is delivered to your front door at just under $600.00.

500 Poker Chips SetThen pick up a set of 500 quality poker chips in a nice aluminum case, a couple of decks of cards, and some dealer buttons, all for under $80.00. The rest would be up to you. You can decorate your man cave with posters or poker signs, maybe bring in a mini fridge, a small sound system with well placed speakers for some cool poker tunes, or even a flat screen TV. At that point, you are ready to host a minimum of 10 poker players, all ready and eager to lose their discretionary funds at your table . . .  and that means you can keep on dreaming about your perfect man cave. Good luck.

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T-LiciousBy: T-Licious

Continuing our discussion of the public’s attitude towards poker, and how the tide overall appears to be turning from traditionally strong opposition to broad acceptance, we focus on one American-born institution that cannot seem to face its fear of poker: baseball.

As a sociology major in college I remember learning the concept of a ‘social fact’ as originally defined by Emile Durkheim, the father of sociology.  There may be perceptions about a social group or community, but the way you know if they really exist…if they are indeed social facts…is if you cross that invisible boundary causing a reaction.  For example, Don Imus learned a social fact of American racial boundaries when advertisers pulled the plug on his show after he called Rutgers female basketball players, all African American, nappy headed ho’s.

A-Rod from Radar Online

A-Rod – Radar Online

Major league baseball appears to have a strong social fact related to gambling which extends to poker.  We all know that people bet on sports.  We also know that there have always been big heavyweight betters with ties to organized crime whose wagering can have an influence on the outcome of the game itself.  The 1919 “Black Sox Scandal” involving the fixing of the World Series led to the creation of the first commissioner of baseball. And then we have Pete Rose’s betting on baseball scandal of the late 80s where he broke baseball’s rule 21 whereby anyone associated with on-field play (players, coaches, umpires, etc.) is prohibited from betting on baseball games.  These events and their backlashes are understandable.  However, in 2011 we heard stories reported in the tabloids about Yankee’s franchise player Alex Rodriguez being involved in a home poker game held by a record producer.  The Commissioner’s office said that A-Rod could face a suspension if it was proven he had been at the games.

To me this is way different than betting on baseball where he has a chance to affect the outcome of the game.  He was playing in a high stakes game with poker pros, Hollywood stars, and big money executives.  I wouldn’t expect him to play in a local $20 buy-in game…what would be the point?  Why is baseball putting all gambling off limits?  The way the stories read in ESPN, New York papers and magazines, etc., was as if playing high stakes was the alleged violation…as if A-Rod would feel the sting of a $10,000 bet on his 10-year contract worth $275 million.  The story also mentioned that drugs were used by a few people hanging out (not A-Rod).  Welcome to Hollywood my friends.  It’s not Disneyland.  Finally someone attempted to explain that where there is poker there are people who are likely to bet on sports.  Again, no surprise here.  You will also find people who bet on sports may also smoke, drink, and stay out past ten on weeknights.

Does Major League Baseball have the right to restrict its players from anything a sports better might be involved in?  The sad thing is I did not see anyone jump to A-Rod’s defense.  So the end result is baseball is not helping poker’s image even though poker seems to have gained widespread public acceptance over the past 10 years.  Perhaps baseball’s top brass should sit back, relax in a comfy chair at a nice poker table, and take in a friendly poker game the next time one of their friends hosts at their baseball-themed man cave.  Maybe they will see that players deserve to do the same without fear of a lifetime suspension hanging over their heads.

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There are numerous ways to look at poker players.  One way is to divide them into two groups according to their motivation for the game:  social or stakes.  The monetary gambler looks for games where they can win big, where buy-ins and blinds are high enough to be worth their time, where players are serious enough to keep the game moving with lots of hands played.  As long as the cards aren’t marked, any decent deck will do.  Food and beverage service may or may not appeal to them.  The die hard poker player is a minimalist…a table, chair, cards, poker chips, and a decent location are all that matter.  A bottle cap can serve as a dealer button and any spare chip a card cover.  Sure stiff paper cards are not preferred over coated or plastic, but how each hand is played is paramount.TPSchips

Contrast the stakes gambler with the social gambler who romanticizes the game.  For him or her when they think of poker they think of wood or slate tables, high quality felt, padded rails, 100% plastic cards with a nice design, comfortable chairs, clay or quality composite chips (never plastic). Drinking can be in the form of beer, but with a nicer venue the spirits upgrade from Jack and Coke grade, to premium aged scotches and on up to the finest cognacs money can buy.  Some social gamblers picture the Sunday football crowd.  Others picture a wild west saloon or a private room at the hottest Vegas casino.  Oceans 11, the Rat Pack, Maverick or Cool Hand Luke.  Many a man cave has been devoted to one of these fantasy themes.  Social players don’t care how much they leave the table with as much as the overall social experience of the event.  For them it is a themed party and every host wants the gathering to be memorable.

As someone who has played in, and enjoyed, both types of poker gatherings, I’m glad that the Texas Poker Store caters to the minimalist and the romantic alike.

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