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Lynn "Queen of Hearts" ParisLynn “Queen of Hearts” Paris

Exotic -sounding places like Macau, Montenegro and Malta represent just a few destinations for big-name professional poker players to travel to, sit down at the poker tables and win big. With poker becoming even more of a big deal all over the globe (consider the recently-formed GPL-India, GPL-China and GPL-Brazil) that’s a lot of frequent flier miles!

Take the 2017 Triton Super High Roller Series, for example. The Triton series began in January 2016 as part of the WPT National Philippines. That event broke records for WPT as its highest buy-in event ever, at US $200,000 per entry. With 52 entries, my boy (GPL team member of the LA Sunset) Fedor ( @CrownUpGuy) Holz came away with the title and a whopping prizepool of US $3,072,748.

Naturally, when I was looking over the current SHR event happening now in Macau, I couldn’t help but notice that Fedor Holz had made the final table again. In fact, he’s in second place with 4,325,000 chips while the chip leader is Spanish phenom Adrian Mateos, with 4,785,000. Up for grabs is the top prize of $2.872 million.

The rest of the final table consists of Dietrich Fast (3,370,000), Kahle Burns (2,625,000), Timothy Adams (2,185,000), start of Day 2 chipleader Stephen Chidwick (1,395,000), Isaac Haxton (1,075,000), and Poker Hall of Fame member John Juanda (990,000).

And this is just one final table at one tournament. Poker is being played non-stop, everywhere (including Montenegro where the second in the 2017 Triton Super High Roller Series took place, with the win by Manig Loeser from Germany.)

Follow the poker players and you’ll see the world. You might even be able to point out Montenegro and Macau on the map!

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Vinny The GrinderThe Grinder

It’s fair to say that words play a naturally eerie and suggestive trick sometimes. Language in itself is such an incomprehensible science, that linguists are sometimes compelled to define something with a word that naturally and phonetically sounds like what it is, like quack  (duck”, woof (dog) or moo (cow). In simple words, some things practically name themselves, don’t they? It’s the same with people. Some people tend to achieve or be exactly what they are known as, or what their names mean, literally.

Mr. Bill CashWe know that metonyms and pseudonyms are figures of speech in which words are used colloquially as a substitute for something else—an action, a function, a part of a whole, a person, or vice versa. I have my very first Poker Figure Of Speech. It’s called Aleatonym; Aleato is the Latin prefix for gambling or chance. An aleatonym is a figure of speech where a poker player’s name suggests the measure of his or her achievements at the tables, level of skill, style or comport.

Here are a few examples:

Chris Moneymaker: Not only did he make money, he set a trend for dreamers.

Barry Greenstein: The Einstein of Greens!

Philipp Gruissem: Gruesome on the poker table, indeed.

Jason Coon: This racoon will slyly steal all your chips.

Jeremy Ausmus: Truly, one of the awesomest poker players around.

Matthew Stout: A stout stack of chips, and a stout bank account.

Matt Glantz: Has a menacing glance, like Ivey.

Matthew Waxman: He reminds me of Dr. Emmett Brown from Back To The Future series, and has a cold dead stare, like a wax man.

Poker Chips from the Texas Poker StoreChristian Harder: Not easy to get his poker chips.

Sergio Aido: Never ask him whether he’s going to call, or you might hear “I do.”

Manig Loeser: He’s definitely not, but will make you one for sure, if you try and outplay him!

Lastly, the best of them all! David ‘Chip’ Reese: You know what he amassed for a living.

These sharks are among the top 100 players in 2013 and have more than a million dollars in winnings. I have to disagree with Shakespeare, and say ‘There’s gotta be something in a name!’ Can you think of more?

Good luck!

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Sunday’s “Millionaire Maker” event made history with an insane turnout that made it the largest Non-Main Event Live Tournament in WSOP history. This Event  had a mind blowing 6,343 players and offered the biggest payout ever for a $1,500 buy-in Tourney. The total prize for the “Millionaire Maker” is $8,563,050 and will pay out an amazing $1,199,104. It will also have the largest number of payouts for any non-main event in history, paying out 648 very happy players and guaranteeing that all players who make the final table will pocket at least six figures. Playing down the final table now! Catch it all plus all current action at

Mike GorodinskyMike Gorodinsky, the 27-year-old  from St. Petersburg, Russia who is now living in San Diego, California won the $2,500 buy-in Omaha High-Low Split/Seven-Card Stud High-Low Split. He walked off with the gold bracelet and a staggering $216, 988 in prize money after defeating Kristopher Tong, from Dallas, TX.

John BeauprezJohn Beauprez, 28-year-old from Boulder, Colorado wins all the poker chips in the Six-Handed No Limit Hold’em Tourney earning him $324, 764 after a close to three hour heads-up battle with Manig Loeser  that ended up putting the  WSOP gold bracelet around his wrist, while Loeser earned just over $200,000 for second place.

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