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I was kicking back with a few friends after getting knocked out of our friendly local tourney, enjoying a cold draft and laughing at the BS being bantered around. Someone asked, “What’s the craziest bad beat y’all have seen in a tourney?” One of the guys said he watched a video of this year’s  Big One for One Drop at the WSOP. This was when Connor Drinan and Cary Katz, both of whom had paid one million dollars to play, and both of whom picked up pocket aces. Drinan with ace of diamonds and ace of clubs vs Katz’s ace of spades and ace of hearts. After raising and re-raising each other a few times Drinan splashes his poker chips all in and Katz snap calls him.TPS Poker Chips

The flop came down with 2d – Kh – 5h, the turn and the river were both hearts giving Katz a flush and knocking Drinan out in 18th place and out of the money. That definitely qualifies as a bad beat, and certainly many will say it’s the worst ever because of the million dollar buy in.

However, in my mind, the worst beat ever is still the battle between Justin Phillips and Moriyuki Mabuchi at the 2009 WSOP. Mabuchi bet after the river  – Phillips raised  – Mabuchi splashed his chips all in and Phillips called. The board showed A of hearts, 9 of clubs, Queen-Ten-A of diamonds. Phillips turned over a J-K of diamonds for a Royal Flush and Mabushi turned over the Ace of spades and the Ace of clubs for Quad Aces. Insane beat … Quad Aces destroyed by a Royal Flush. The chance of a royal flush and quad aces happening in the same hand is 1 in 2.7 billion!  To me that qualifies it as the worst bad beat ever, despite the money.

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Some days you can win with an ace high and other times you can’t win with quad aces has been how we sign off our newsletters for the last couple of years. We’ve had several people comment on that from time to time but recently we had someone who shall remain nameless who refused to believe that could ever really happen. We told this individual that we had actually blogged about a game between Justin Phillips and Moriyuki Mabuchi at the 2009 WSOP. Moriyuki splashed all in with Quad Aces and Justin snap called him with a Royal Flush. All you could hear on the floor were gasps of air being taken in mixed with a few OMGs and WOWs and Uhhhhs. Not a good way to be sent to the rail. Most people would agree that that is a statistical improbability and they would be right. In fact, the odds of a royal flush and quad aces happening in the same hand are, according to the announcer on the video, 1 in 2.7 billion hands played!

Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure . . . and to prove to our Doubting Thomas friend that,  although highly unlikely, this could happen. You can be assured that if I was holding Quad Aces after the river card was turned, all my clay poker chips would be splashed in just like Moriyui’s.

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