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Yesterday, Gabe Bock and Billy Liucci welcomed Texas A&M vice president of marketing & communications, Jason Cook, to TexAgs Radio to discuss the various aspects of the Aggies’ move to the SEC. Cook admitted that this carefully strategized move has consumed about 98% of his time over the last couple of months, in order to ensure that Texas A&M could maximize the opportunity of now being in the Southeastern Conference; the greatest athletic conference in America.

However, based on the Aggies’ last two games, the first against Big 12 rival Oklahoma State and the second against their eventual SEC rival, Arkansas, the Aggies showed that they could kick butt during the first half of both games only to fall apart during the second half. Both games had meltdowns of epic proportions, making the Aggies fall from a possible top 5 ranking to 25 . . . a fall from grace and national relevance. At this point, all I can say is that they better rethink their strategy for the second half if they want to to be serious contenders for the remainder of this year, much less when they begin to play in the SEC next year. To that end, I hope that whatever needed fixing got fixed, so that they can not only do well in the first half, but also show up to play fanatical football in the second half against the Red Raiders.

By now you all know that we’ve been running contests to get your predictions for the final scores between Texas A&M and its opponents. With that said, remember that whoever comes closest to predicting the final score of tomorrow’s game between Texas A&M and Texas Tech will receive one of these great poker gifts — a Texas A&M Game Room Mirror with a retail value of $51.30 shipped for free directly to you anywhere in the continental US. Or, you may select any product of equal value or less. Follow the directions below and we will accommodate your wishes.  Just leave us your prediction by clicking on the “leave us your comments” link below and we will get in touch with you. By the way, two weeks ago we only had one player go with OSU, so he was the automatic winner.
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