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No one won our Predict the Score contest this week. Several did bet on Ole Miss, but they went over. When we posted our Predict the Score blog a couple of days ago, we wrote; “That’s a lot of talent competing for a game they both need to win. It will be a high-scoring contest, but if the Aggies are for real, this is when they prove it.” So we were right about both teams needing to win. And we were right about the talent on the field. We, and most of the pundits, however, were wrong about predicting a lot of scoring by both offenses, because the high-powered offense of the Aggies simply disappeared.

By game’s end, Kyle Allen was trending nationally on Twitter, not in a good way, and Texas A&M had fallen out of the top 25, leaving just about everyone with emotions ranging from curious to furious. So although Ole Miss won the game and obviously proved that they are “for real,” the Aggies need to figure out who they are and what’s going on with their offense, especially at quarterback, but also with their offensive line, receivers, running game and most definitely with their play-calling, coaching staff and decision-making . . .  all the way to the top . With  almost an embarrassment of riches on the Aggie roster, no Aggie fan should have to feel embarrassed.

Texas Poker StoreThe Texas Poker Store staff  hopes the Aggies get it together in time to face the South Carolina Gamecocks next Saturday at Kyle Field. We’ll post our next “Predict the Score” blog in the next few days, so keep tuned in and may the best predictor win.

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Pocket Bullets ParisBy: Pocket Bullets Paris

Despite their loss to the Crimson Tide, Texas A&M at 5-1, is still very much alive in the SEC West. First of all, Kyle Allen is a very good quarterback who had a very bad day. As he himself put it – he and Peyton Manning each had three pick sixes; it happens.

The Rebel’s quarterback, Chad Kelly, has also been very good, leading the league in passing yards. But he just came off a bad outing himself, throwing two interceptions in Ole Miss’ loss against Memphis.

So, with both teams coming off losses, who has the edge? It’s a close one. The Aggies have tremendous talent on offense, with Kirk, Reynolds, Seals-Jones, Noil and a host of others. If they take care of the football they should be able to outrun their coverage. And the Aggie defense has been stellar, at times even spectacular, which they will need to be against the Rebel’s very talented set of receivers, including wideout Laquan Treadwell. Conversely, the Rebels can defend the pass well, and the Aggie safeties have been aggressive in busting up plays all over the field.Aggies vs Ole Miss football

The best defensive player in the league, and probably in the country, wears maroon and white and is named Myles Garrett. He is a game-changer just being on the field. He’ll be matched up against offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil, which should be a great battle. And if Robert Nkemdiche is healthy and ready to suit up, he’ll be making a lot of trouble for the Aggie O-line.

That’s a lot of talent competing for a game they both need to win. It will be a high-scoring contest, but if the Aggies are for real, this is when they prove it.

Copag Poker CardsWhoever predicts the final score first, without going over, will be the next “Texas Poker Store Predict the Score” prizewinner, walking away with a professional set of Copag Peek-Index Poker Cards including a durable, solid carrying case. If there’s a tie, whoever made the correct prediction first is the winner, so you don’t have much time to fool around.

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It may be a tough pill for dedicated Aggie fans to swallow, but fair is fair and on Wednesday Lucinda Maller predicted that the Alabama Crimson Tide would roll over the Texas A&M Aggies  35
to 28. Coming closest first without going over, she delivered the final blow to us which forced our Chief Dealer to pronounce Maller the winner of the Texas Poker Store “Predict the Score” contest, which means we’ll be shipping out the 300 Chip Big Slick Texas Hold’em 11.5 g Set to her. Congratulations, Lucinda.

It was a tough battle for the Aggies. Kyle Allen was certainly out of sync with his receivers Saturday as he threw a total of three passes that were intercepted and returned for touchdowns. Two of them were picked off by Minkah Fitzpatrick, making him the first player in Alabama history to return two interceptions for touchdowns in a game. Allen threw the first interception on the Aggies’ second drive and Fitzpatrick returned that one for 33 yards. Allen threw his second interception on a high pass that was picked off by Eddie Jackson and returned for 93 yards and, to add insult to injury, he was picked off a third time by Fitzpatrick for a return of 55 yards. And it wasn’t only Allen who was not on point; Kyler Murray was intercepted on the last play of the third quarter which resulted in a field goal.

As coach Sumlin said in his post-game presser, you can’t give a great team like Alabama those kinds of freebies and expect to win. Hopefully for Aggie fans, the team figures out how to fix their normally explosive offense before next week’s game against Ole Miss. 300-chip-set-big-slick

Have fun with your Big Slick Texas Holdem Poker Chips Lucinda.

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We know, now that the college football season is heading into week three, that some of our longtime followers are waiting for us to begin our notoriously biased series focused on our favorite team, the Texas A&M football team.   You’re probably expecting our well-known “predict-the-winner” contests. Maybe it’s because you’re craving one of our very cool prizes. Maybe it’s because, like us, you’re a rabid Aggie football fan. Or, maybe you’re all just poker player who like to bet on things.

Well, in case you forgot, we only play “predict-the-winner” for SEC games! In other words, we still have one more non-conference game to play –against Nevada — before the real fun begins. (Unless you consider 18 consecutive non-conference wins, the longest active streak in the nation, to be fun!) Although we loved watching the Aggies win convincingly over Arizona State and Ball State, and could not be more pumped about our revitalized “Chavis” defense as well as some of our exciting, and serious contenders for super-stardom, we know it doesn’t get real until we play our SEC opponents.

So to get you all ready for SEC football, the following are some SEC-West highlights:

The Aggies first SEC battle will be against Arkansas on Sept. 26th. The Razorbacks suffered an embarrassing loss against Toledo last week and have to face Texas Tech before playing the Aggies. Let’s just say that doesn’t look good for the Hogs.

The Tide will play Ole Miss this week and will be counting on their defense to stop the highly explosive offense from Mississippi. And Auburn, who looked nothing like they were supposed to look in their narrow win against Jacksonville State, have a scary SEC contest against LSU this week.

So to sum it up, at least for the SEC West, the Aggies will continue to impress and let guys from deep in the depth charts play a lot of minutes to get them ready for conference play. And the other teams will be figuring things out, which they better do quickly before the Ags run the table.

The Lumen Poker TableIn the mean time we’ll be working on our newly re-designed Texas Poker Store website that should be ready for re-launch by end of next week. Until then, shuffle your chips and we’ll see you at the tables.

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