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To further clarify our last few blogs about legalized online poker:

  • The first state to legalize forms of online gambling (not counting the lottery etc.) was Nevada, in 2010, followed by the passage of online poker regulations in 2011.  What was exciting about the 2013 bill passed last week was that the state passed legislation making it possible for the governor to enter into agreements or compacts with other states, assuming those states have also legalized poker.
  • The second state to legalize online poker, was in fact, Delaware, in 2012. It doesn’t get a whole lot of attention because of its small population.
  • The third state, as we recently reported, was New Jersey, which passed its online poker and casino games legislation on February 26, 2013. One of the things that makes New Jersey’s bill exciting is its large population and  its close proximity to New York and Philadelphia. The other thing is the confidence of the state; they are already counting possible revenue derived from online gambling in their 2013 budget.

Poker Game at the MancaveTo be clear, we are in full support of legal online poker. It will provide an enormous revenue stream to the states that provide players the opportunity to gamble online . . . and it’s a lot of fun around midnight when you’re looking for some action. But in our minds there is still nothing like the excitement and camaraderie of live poker games. Hopefully, we can all have both.

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To follow up on our recent blog about Nevada’s historic bill that legalized online gambling, here are some answers to the questions you’ve been asking.

  1. The bill is exclusively about poker, not sports gambling or any other gaming, which is clearly still against federal law.
  2. The rules and regulations concerning how interstate agreements would be constructed still need to be worked out, but the people behind the scenes of this bill have been researching how this is done overseas for the past five years.
  3. There are several states already considering their own proposals, with most believing that New Jersey will be the next state likely to pass a bill similar to Nevada’s.nighthawkBlack 01
  4. Among the issues Nevada, and other states that follow their lead will have to contend with, are a slew of regulations, like how to deal with identity theft, fraud protection and age verification.

The big push to legalize online gambling is, of course, all about money. Nevada can expect to see millions of dollars in licensing and other fees come into its state coffers. It’s hard to imagine that other states won’t want to see the same kinds of revenue being added to their own bank accounts, if they can get a similar bill through their own legislatures.

Once again, personally, I believe this will be a win win for everyone and I can’t wait. I’m already sitting at the poker tables patiently waiting for the flop.

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