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Lynn "Queen of Hearts" ParisLynn “Queen of Hearts” Paris
The majority of the world’s poker fans are looking forward with great anticipation to the 50th Annual World Series of Poker (WSOP) set to begin on May 28 and run through July 16.

But for online poker enthusiasts and fans, there is some exciting WSOP action beginning this month!

World Series of Poker Online

The World Series of Poker’s website ( has launched its annual Spring Online Championships which consist of more than forty online poker events.

The online poker WSOP also has a Main Event. The buy-in is $525, which guarantees a very tidy $200,000 in prize money. And, there is a special bonus prize that makes it stand apart from other WSOP events.

Instead of winning a ring or a traditional bracelet, the winner will be given a wrestling-style championship belt, a somewhat more flamboyant prize befitting the online poker crowd.

Just in case the Department of Justice over-reaches as it reviews the Federal Wire Act, the WSOP is pulling out all the stops for online players, so hurry up and join the fun at the Online Poker Tables!

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Lynn "Queen of Hearts" ParisLynn “Queen of Hearts” Paris

About a week ago, I was ready to sing the praises of Michigan, the fifth state to join the three states with legal online poker sites already in operation: Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware,  along with Pennsylvania, the fourth state that has passed the necessary legislation and is gearing up to join them.

Rick Snyder kills on-line poker for Michigan

By the time I sat down to write my blog, however, Michigan’s online poker bill had taken a dagger to the heart, having been vetoed by lame duck Governor Rick Snyder during his last few days in office. Despite the tremendous support of the Wolverine State’s poker players, and the fact that the bipartisan bill had easily passed through the state Senate and House of Representatives, Snyder decided that it wasn’t “appropriate to sign legislation that will effectively result in more gambling.”

Apparently, Snyder killed the bill due to concerns about how it might potentially affect the budget. In his veto letter, Snyder wrote, “Due to largely unknown budgetary concerns, I believe this legislation merits more careful study and comparison with how other states have, or will, authorize online gaming. To be blunt, we simply don’t have the data to support this change at this time.”

Michigan lawmakers expected this one to be passed easily due to broad support from both sides of the aisle. Now it looks like they’ll have to wait to see how newly elected Governor, Democrat Gretchen Whitmer, feels about online poker.

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Texas Poker StorePocket Bullets ParisBy: Pocket Bullets Paris

We took another look at the state of online poker legislation in the beginning of January and promised to let you know whenever there was news. As you know, there are currently three states –Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware — in which online poker is legal and regulated. New Jersey has the largest of the markets, hosting and Nevada, which is dominated by, and Delaware both have sites, along with an agreement to share players which has seen limited success.

In the last two months several states have managed to pass bills that legalize DFS (daily fantasy sports) but not online poker. In California, poker players were particularly upset to see their pending bill pushed aside while DFS was given priority. However, in a daring move, Assemblyman Adam Gray filed a new bill (AB 2863) that offered a huge compromise (in the form of a $60 million subsidy) to the major opponents of online poker: the horse racing industry. This bill has the support of the California Nations Indian Gaming Association so keep your eyes on California to be the next state to legalize online poker. Pennsylvania and New York are also making moves.

PokerStars to NJ 2016But by far the biggest move was made by Amaya, owners of PokerStars, which has announced its return to the U.S. market. The official launch is slated for March 21 in New Jersey, following a thorough investigation by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. The fact is, PokerStars is the largest online poker site in the world, with the largest online tournaments and highest cash game limits. With the fully vetted, legal and extremely popular PokerStars back in the game, other states may be much more likely to get moving on their legislation. Even your state may finally join the party and you, too, will be able to sit at the online poker tables.

As always, Texas Poker Store will keep you posted!

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Vinny the GrinderBy The Grinder

Extremely stressed out or extremely Nordic, bald poker players have always been in the spotlight. The stigma leads one to picture a reckless sleepless consummate poker pro who breathes, eats and sleeps online poker. Not entirely true, but like lefties, Nordic Baldies do stand out—mostly due to their menacing, and at times crazed aggression.

Bald Poker PlayerMore than a decade ago, I remember Gus Hansen frustrating the likes of T.J.Coultier and Doyle Brunson on TV. He even busted Negreanu for half-a-mil in one of the biggest pots at the time. He might not have been responsible for the Nordic craze that followed in the next decade, but he definitely set the standard and inspired many. Finnish Antonius and Sahamies and The Great Dane Danish Gus Hansen have a style that many have tried to emulate. While Antonius has been the saner among this lot, Illari Ziigmund Sahamies recently went almost broke, and Gus, despite winning big this past week online, is consistently featured on The Railbird Report as a massive loser.

Timely aggression is good, but crazed aggression has a prize to pay at the poker tables. Other than that, Scandinavians have done quite well. As you read this blog, there are thousands of laggy Nordic teens crowbarring pots of money from their online opponents, half of them bald I’m sure. Could this be Samson’s curse? Samson was Delilah’s lover, and the Philistines tried every tactic in their book, but couldn’t kill him. Achilles had his heel, Samson, his hair. His life was locked up in his seven locks of hair, and nobody knew about it. Finally, the Philistines bribed Delilah with eleven hundred silver pieces, and she got Samson to give away his secret. Just a crazy thought, but maybe Samson sent out his army to get back at the human race, in the form of Bald Nordics!


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