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pocket-bulletsVinny at the Indian Poker Legends TournamentConfessions of a Grinder

We thought that we would revisit our old friend’s column, Vinny’s “Confessions of a Grinder,” regarding what to do with Pocket Rockets. Since I am known as “Pocket Bullets,” and because recently I have been badly beaten several times while holding those glorious aces and just plain betting them wrong.

Pocket Aces a.k.a. Bullets, Batteries, American Airlines, Pocket Rockets, The Eyes of Texas or Alan Alda. How often do you hear losing stories involving Aces? “I had them bullets but I ended up getting shot in the head” or “I don’t even know why I play Aces. I never win with them”. Beginners tend to overplay Aces over-assuming their strength, or underplay them in a greedy effort to win more.

ultimate-Red 01Playing Aces can be tricky. On a poker table, where people are ready to call almost any raise pre-flop, it’s probably more profitable to ‘just call’ with Aces in an early position, and hope someone raises, so you could make a sizable re-raise. The key is to always play them aggressively either in a pre-flop situation to isolate, or in a post-flop situation to avoid letting someone draw out on you. Play them hard but at the same time, polish your antennae, and get ready to surrender them, when you sense danger.

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Pocket Bullets ParisBy: Pocket Bullets Paris

Y’all remember that we love music, and combining it with our love for poker is one of our favorite pastimes. You know that is why we have posted so many poker songs in the past and you may even remember that we asked for your input whenever you heard any new poker songs. Well, it turns out that one of our followers not only loves/hates poker (like many of us) but he’s also an accomplished musician, song writer, folk singer with a Dylansque bluesy feel that intrigued us enough to bring him to your attention.

Dean Shaw - Swamp SpruceLay down those rockets boy, lay down that hand … or so says the Poker Man. That’s what Dean Shaw is saying in his new poker song, “Poker Man.” Dean says it like a man who’s been there before and probably has felt the pain of a bad beat but always gone back for more. You know he’s laid down a few hands at the tables.

I know that I can relate to this song because I’ve held Pocket Rockets many a time and many a time felt the sting of a bad beat, but just as Dean tells it; I’ll play whenever I can and that’s why I’m a Poker Man. Listen to his song here!

So when you are at the poker tables don’t be afraid to lay down those rockets when you can feel a bad beat coming.

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