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It’s “Predict the Score” time again as the Texas A&M Aggies take on the Arkansas Razorbacks in Dallas at 2:30 CST this coming Saturday. After blowing through their opener against the Gamecocks in South Carolina, thereby shocking the football world, and then rolling over and through Lamar, Rice and SMU, as Billy Liucci of TexAgs recently wrote, “Let the (real) games begin (again).

The Aggies, who have been amazingly good (as in ranked 6th) will now be thoroughly tested by facing Arkansas, #14 Mississippi State in Starkville, #10 Ole Miss at Kyle and finally traveling to #2 Alabama in what many call the toughest 4-game stretch in program history.Texas A&M Aggies vs Arkansas Razorbacks

The Razorbacks are not the same team as they were last season, in case you haven’t been paying attention. They own an SEC-leading rushing attack, with Alex Collins, Jonathan Williams and Korliss Marshall combining for 188 yards on 36 carries. Their QB, Brandon Allen threw for two touchdowns and ran for another. In other words, Arkansas is playing tough, explosive and mad, and the Aggies need to forget about their own 4-0 start and play like they have something to prove.

The Aggies have all the talent in the world, especially on offense. It’s certainly enough to beat the Razorbacks; there’s no doubt about that. But does their much-improved defense have the strength and determination to stop the Hogs’ rushing attack? We’ll see very soon.

Copag Poker CardsWhoever comes the closest to predicting the final score will win a professional set of Copag Peek-Index Poker Cards including a durable, solid carrying case. If there’s a tie, whoever made the correct prediction first is the winner, so you don’t have much time to fool around.

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Texas Poker Store is putting up a $200 gift prize for 2013 Super Bowl predictions. Enter the two teams you predict will play in the Super Bowl, and pick the winner, for a chance at taking home a retail valued prize of up to $200 applicable to any product in stock. Predictions must be made  prior to the divisional games on January 12-13. The first person, based on the time of their prediction, who accurately chooses the two teams contending for the title and picks the Super Bowl Champs will be declared the winner of the $200 gift prize. (The winner, naturally, will be determined after the Super Bowl!)

If you’re not sure, you can wait until after the divisional games and make your prediction before the AFC and NFC championship games on January 20, 2013, the odds are far more favorable, but of course, the reward is less, with the prize going down to $100 worth of retail merchandise from the Texas Poker Store.

Either way you choose to make your prediction, if you’re declared the winner you will be able to choose anything you need (up to the value of your winnings) from our in-stock inventory. Choose from a wide selection of poker chips, poker cards or whatever else you may want.

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Music To Your Ears


After many months of preparation, conceptualizing, writing lyrics and music, recording and mastering Randy Pavlock’s awesome rendition of our song, ” I May Be Bluffin'” . . . then, brainstorming with our video director, Kyle Netterville,  and story-boarding the poker tale we wanted to tell through the lyrics of our song and the images on the screen for a foot-stomping music video . . . we are now finished and have a final high-definition video to show the world. To say we’re excited would be the proverbial understatement.

To demonstrate how excited we are at the Texas Poker Store, we decided to give you a 10% discount for the next three months. That’s right; we want to share our excitement with you. The discount applies to all poker chips, chip cases, cards and card shufflers. All you need to do is choose your items and enter the code word –  Music – make sure to type it exactly as it appears here. Enjoy

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Shuffling cards has been the bane of many a poor soul; a lot of them just can’t seem to get it quite right. They end up folding the cards or they shuffle them so many times that they wear the suits right off of them. So we asked some pros what they thought was the right number of times a deck should be shuffled. The answers we got ran the gamut from down right absurd, to hilarious and even to some well thought out mathematical formula that supposedly figures that the right number of times for a deck of 52 cards would be 7 times for them to be sufficiently mixed, that according to Persi Diaconis as reported in the New York Times several years ago.

That is way too much for us, and we’re sure, most poker players to worry about. We just play the game and as long as you don’t shuffle like Moe of the Three Stooges  in this video, then we’re good. But if all you can do is what Mo does, then maybe you should just pick up a good automatic card shuffler and get on with the game.

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